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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: June 7, 2021      Views: 244
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Mrs. Wilkey's first novel, Two Tattered Hearts, was published by G and J Publishers and can be found at It's a novel about how Anna, an abused spouse escapes, with her son, the man-made hell she lives in and finds love. < - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #3 spot on the rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #7 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 115 of the book Perennials of War
Synopsis of the novel
"Please Help!!" by barbara.wilkey

Is Anderson a gallant knight? Can he recover Shana's family's stolen relics and heal the wounds of genocide?

The title of this I've settled on is Unspoken Traditions.

Short description of the novel:

Shana Kohlberg, a Jewish High School English teacher, discovers a painting stolen from her family during World War II's Kristallnacht. In an attempt to retrieve it from the present owner, Ivan Kuznetsov, head of a Russian Mafia, she accidently meets Anderson Sharp, a rich Texan oil baron.

This unlikely couple faces retribution from the mafia as they attempt to retrieve the painting. Not only is Shana's life threatened by the Russian Mafia, but her family will disown her if she allows herself to fall in love with Anderson, a gentile.

By the end of this novel, the Mafia is arrested, the painting recovered, and Shana's father accepts the love Shana and Anderson share.


This novel's setting is in the modern day United States, many events that happened during World War II set this novel in motion.

Shana Kohlberg, a high school English teacher from Peoria, Illinois, was raised Orthodox Jewish and her family follows strict Jewish traditions. During spring vacation while visiting the New York City Art Museum, Shana accidently discovers a valuable painting that had been stolen from her family by the Nazi's during World War II. Upon returning home, she searched and found the original verification that her ancestors had owned the artwork and had hid it with Great--Great Uncle Tomas before fleeing Germany. There were also letters from neighbors stating the Nazis' had stolen the artwork when Tomas was arrested during Kristallnacht and sent to Dachau.

That summer Shana returns to the museum and shows the art curator these documents. After they're certified authentic, he agrees to contact the painting's owner. The paintings owner, Ivan Kuznetsov, head of a Russian Mafia, uses the painting's unique gold inlays as means to transport information to other Mafia members and doesn't want to return the painting. He becomes suspicious that during Shana's attempt to retrieve the painting, she'll discover information about his illegal businesses.

In desperation to get away from three men following her from the Art museum, Shana climbs into Anderson Sharp's jaguar stopped at a red light. He's a rich Texan oil baron. He befriends Shana and sees it as his duty to protect this defenseless, innocent, beautiful Jewish young lady and falls in love only to discover her family doesn't accept interfaith marriages.

Kuznetsov uses many of his available resources to attempt to kill Shana, from kidnapping to forcing his way in with gun power. After four different attempts, police arrest him and many mafia members. The painting's recovered.

During these threats Shana learns to trust Drew, rely on his strength, but struggles with the fact that he's a gentile. In the end, she faces the decision between being ostracized by her family or true love.

Drew realizes the situation he's put Shana in and backs away. Never expecting or wanting her to have to make a decision between her father and him.

Finally, Shana chooses Drew. When her father realizes how much his daughter and Drew love each other, he softens and accepts Drew as a suitable husband for Shana.


Author Notes
I'm looking for a new editor and a new agent. I've found a possible publisher for this book but they want a short description of the novel and then a two page synopsis. I have posted both here.

I need help with both. Many of you have read and helped edit this novel. It's been through two additional edits. Please read and offer advice. As you already know, when I read my work I read it as if those small words are there and miss them.

I also need to double check on the genre. I know romance, but should I add suspense, or a friend suggested historical, because of the WWII reference

Looking for guidance.

I'm sorry I can't afford to put more money on this.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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