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 Category:  Letters and Diary Poetry
  Posted: June 23, 2022      Views: 21

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Rob Cullen has been writing for around thirty five years. To date he's completed eight novels, with two published.

The Ultimate Betrayal was published in 2014 by G and J Publishing and is still available through Kindle, Smashwords and - more...

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This work has reached the exceptional level
A Thought my brain played with over night
"My Wasted Yesterdays" by bob cullen
My Wasted Yesterdays

Sometimes I feel all swept up in my wasted yesterdays
Can't remember getting credits, Dad had no time for praise
He would only criticize then he'd fill my mind with doubt
I devised the perfect plan, then I learned what life's about

Dad believed in discipline, used the strap across me bum
As it whistled through the air it gave off a fearful hum
Then when it found flesh, sound yielded to the most awesome pain
I tried my best to hold back tears, but then they fell like rain

I learned things the hard way, sometimes I didn't learn at all
Thought if I yelled loudest everyone would heed my call
But volume don't win battles when obstinance leads the way
Sometimes I feel all swept up for my wasted yesterdays

Mum suggested counselling, said it might teach right from wrong
Show me how to communicate and how to get along
So, I straightened up my habits and cleaned up all my ways
Sometimes I still feel guilty for my wasted yesterdays

Time taught me lessons even a young fool like me could learn
Mother Nature can be a bitch in a flash she can turn
A golden crop to ashes or a fertile field to dust
Life on the land's all I know; I go on because I must

Today I feel all swept up in my wasted yesterdays
I'm all alone with memories of things Dad used to say
"Farm life ain't never easy, but somehow, we never went bust,
And life on the land's all I know and in my God I trust."

Author Notes
Fact or fiction, I'm not that sure. A story that grew overnight from its title. I poeticised it, I made that word up.
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