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 Category:  Spiritual Poetry
  Posted: March 29, 2015      Views: 17

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Currently reviewing my objects in life, so writing is taking a back seat, it's kicked into the long grass, it's having a break, it's finding some space, it's looking for stronger roots, it's thinking up a new tune to pl - more...

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A philosophical piece on humility and Easter.
"The Humility of God" by RichardFann

The  Humility of God
As we approach Easter there is a question
that has haunted me for a couple of years.

Is God as humble as Christ was on the cross?
My proposition is that he is.
If God was humble enough to be born in a stable,
live in poverty, and to be crucified naked on a cross,
why can that not be his normal situation in life?
If it says somewhere in the bible
‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever,’
then surely the day he died in humility
can be extended back in time to before the universe,
and forward in time to after the universe.
The concept of God on a throne is possibly more to do with
the Egyptian monarchy having an exalted life style
and very ornate thrones.
This seems to have percolated across into the time of
King Solomon, who, the bible tells us,
‘made a great throne covered with
ivory and overlaid with fine gold.’
The human mind might argue that if Solomon
could have such a magnificent throne,
then surely God will have something
more magnificent, glorious, and impressive.
But the problem with human thinking
is that God does not need it.
Strange as it sounds,
before the start of the universe
God did not even have a bible,
yet he got on with life anyway.
So why would he need a throne?
Of course, it may be better to describe God as
the eternal,
and not even assume he is male.
As an aside,
the fact that there is no marriage in heaven
sort of indicates that even the male and female
demarcation, that we love so much,
may be redundant.
Where does this leave us?

It leaves us in a rather humble position ourselves.

We have to admit that the creator is way
beyond anything we can comprehend.
If anything, Jesus Christ showed us a way of life
rather than giving us an
academic system or manual
science, history, geography, sociology,
psychology, philosophy, and theology.
Maybe we have made it too complicated.
Maybe it is simple.
Maybe the clue is in the humility of Christ.
However, even if it is that simple,
it is likely to take a lifetime
to put on the clothes of humility.


Author Notes
The photo is of some artwork in St Giles Church in Cheadle,
Staffordshire, England, the United Kingdom.

I visited with my wife last Friday and was well impressed.

It is about as different to the normal church as the Addams family
is different to the normal family. If such exists.

The church is so ornate that is starts to be humorous.
But what is wrong with humor?

The poem is actually prose.

I put it in poetic form to make it easier to read on a computer screen.

It is almost like a theological rant, and that also takes it outside poetry.

In poetry, I would not mention God's name or other members of the trinity.

Humor, spirituality, and earthy life is a fabulous mix.

PS Apologies if I have ranted on about this topic on FanStory bbefore.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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