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 Category:  Romance Script
  Posted: April 7, 2015      Views: 33

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Currently reviewing my objects in life, so writing is taking a back seat, it's kicked into the long grass, it's having a break, it's finding some space, it's looking for stronger roots, it's thinking up a new tune to pl - more...

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A pale teenage semi-romance.
"Coastal Discovery. STAGE DRAMA." by RichardFann

Stage Drama


CONNOR:   18 years old, College leaver.

DEE:           18 years. Same college as Connor.
Minimalist props and backdrops and S/X.
Connor stage left on mobile to Dee.
 Dee, stage right. Faces off stage on mobile.
Connor:    Considered going to the school leavers’ ball on Friday?
Dee:   Doing something. Find someone else.
Connor:  Can’t be bothered. Will just have to hang out with my mates.
Dee:   D’you want a coffee instead? You free tomorrow?
Connor:   Can’t do afternoon.
Dee:   Delia’s delicatessen at ten?

(with a silent, mischievous smile widening her face.)
Connor:   Can do. See you there.
Scene 2   At Delias Deli/Coffee shop:
(They are on stools and look out at the sedate traffic on the high street.

S/X: Background traffic noise. Some cafe noises from inside.)

Connor:   Cappucino?
Dee:   Decaff choca mocha. Thanks.
(He gets her the coffee, and an Americano for himself.)
Dee:   Would you like a week in Torbay?
Connor:   You’re away on a holiday?
Dee:   I’m asking, do you want to come with us for a week in Torbay?
Connor:  Who’s 'us'?
Dee:   You, me, my Mum and Dad.
Connor:   What!? You’ve asked them?
Dee:   Yes. It’s ok. They had booked for themselves. Then I said, ‘can I come too?’
Connor:   And they said?
Dee:   'Yes.' I said, ‘Can a friend come too?’ And they said, ‘Who?’ And I said, ‘Connor.’
Connor:   Do we share a room?
Dee:   Course not. A room each, in the hotel. And there’s another condition.
Connor:   Am I becoming trapped in a spider’s web?

Dee:   Don’t worry. There’ll be a guide. This.

(And she pulls a paperback out of her rag bag. It’s ‘A Room with a View’ by E M Forster.)

Connor:   You want something to read in case I bore you?

Dee:   No.

Connor:   You want something to jam your door open?

Dee:   No.

Connor:   You want to amuse yourself while I’m stuck in your puzzle?

Dee:   No.

Connor:   Then what’s it for?

Dee:   It’s a guide. It works like this.

(She takes a sip of coffee and picks up the wooden stirrer. She passes him the book.)

Connor:   You want me to read it?

Dee:   No. Just open it at a random page, and hold it flat.

(She points to the table top between them. She closes her eyes. She stabs her stirrer onto a page. He looks on.

In this section, they take it in turns to stab the page and find the nearest letter and the word it comes from.)
Dee:   It hit the ‘t’ of ‘against.’ Write that down.

Connor:   What’s all this about? Is it voodoo?

Dee:   No. It’s a word finder. Your go.

Connor:   The ‘e’ of ‘splendid.’

Dee:   My go.

Connor: It’s the ‘d’ of ‘door.’

Dee:   ‘h’ of ‘mother.’

Connor: The ‘p’ of ‘poor.’   Where will this end?

Dee:   Let’s see what we’ve got so far. T.E.D.H.P. Can you see a word?

Connor:   ‘Depth.’

Dee:   That’s the clue. We arrive on Saturday.
On Sunday we do something to do with depth. Such as ...

Connor:   A swim in the deep end.

Dee:   So that’s how it works. We do what the book decides. Or something close.

Connor:   Will I have a room with a view though?

Dee:   Probably not. Though we can ask. Are you desperate?

Connor:   Would be good, then I wouldn’t feel boxed in.
After all, I’m outnumbered 3 to 1.

Dee:   Mum and Dad will do their own thing. Mum paints. Dad plays golf.
They’re not together. Just for meals and the late night film. Even then ...

Connor:   They watch the opposites.

Dee:   Yes. ‘Fast and Furious,’ and ‘Mr Turner.’

Connor:   Which is which?

Dee:   Don’t be facetious.

Connor:   Am not, but I can guess.

Dee:   That’s what I like about you. You’re amusing, but don’t quite hit the wit.

Connor:   What I like about you ... I can’t hide under a stone.
You drag me out. However...

Dee:   However what?

Connor:   I’ll have invented a new book game with EMF before Monday.

Dee:   I can hear the brass gear wheels of your brain clicking and clanking as we speak.

Connor:   Clunk! Click! a lump of wit is struck out of the coastal cliff,
like an oversized ammonite. But I have a question for you.

Dee:   What’s that?

Connor:   Why is the college ball a no-go for you?

Dee:   The Sinatra song that always ends it.

Connor:   ‘I did it my way’?

Dee:   My 12 year old brother died on a cycling holiday when I was six. He got a puncture and Dad showed him how to mend it. His last words to me before crashing off the coastal path were, ‘I fixed my bike. I did it my way.’ But the wheel nut worked loose.

Connor:   Sorry he died. You can cry through the song.

Dee:   I get nightmares for days after. I live life. I avoid what I have to. I look for what’s worth something.

Connor:   Maybe me, after I’ve fathomed out a few more of your puzzles.

Dee:   If there’s only one room with a view, you can have it.




Author Notes
Thanks for the picture.
I like the seaside.

This is the task from today's Writers' Workshop.

Started as a story but quickly morphed into a script.

E M Forster liked a lot of dialogue apparently.

Got the EMF book at Tewkesbury Abbey on Easter Sunday,
but found the first chapter a bit slow and fuddy duddy.

May or may not read any more.

Not sure if there is a plot.

May have to read it backwards,
to trace the plot, and just focus on that.

Am not sure it is Romance.
Maybe Humor instead.
Or Humour as we say in England's English.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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