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    My Testimony Contest Winner 
 Category:  Biographical Non-Fiction
  Posted: June 3, 2017      Views: 163

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I came to Fan Story to work on my writing. I am learning so much from my fellow Fan Storians. I am now writing my second book. I am applying all that I am learning here in Fan Story.

My first book, "Is There Brilliance In Resilience?" i - more...

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This work has reached the exceptional level
He never withholds his great acts on our behalf
"For God, Nothing is Impossible!" by Asem.inspirations

I strongly believe that when you have survived a life or death experience, all glory goes to a true, loving and merciful Father who abides in the Heavens. Some may say that such experiences are mere coincidences. However, when these awesome saves or answers to even silent or subconscious prayers, happen again and again, there is no other explanation. I have come to believe also that the reason that God has allowed me so many blessings or great saves and miracles, is because He knows that I would reveal Him to others. He is a true and living God who is reaching into the lives of those calling out to Him, even if they don't know that they are calling out.

I chose to share with you this particular experience because it was one of the earliest situations that I found myself in when God had to step in, to save my life. At the end of this story, you can believe it or not but what I am about to share with you actually happened and there are no lies to it.

When I was about twenty-two years old, I was out in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. It must have been about three thirty during the overnight hours, but I flagged down a ride and got into a car with a stranger, a man. Yes, I do know that this was a really stupid thing to do but I did do this.

When I was in the car, the driver, that man, immediately locked the car doors. As I looked over at the locks I saw that the door lock knobs had been screwed out, leaving only a sharp looking screw as the lock knob. This means that if I tried to unlock that door the sharp screw would cut my finger. At that point, I knew that I would not be getting out of the car unless this stranger lets me out.

As we were driving over an overpass, the man told me to look out of the car window, at the water beneath the bridge.

He continued to say to me, "That is where my sister's body was found. She was murdered so I have been murdering girls like you and throwing their bodies there. I am going to throw your body there too after I kill you."

I couldn't believe my ears but for some reason, I remained very calm, quiet but very calm. I did not get upset or start to scream or beg for my life as he possibly wanted me to, I just sat there very quiet.

As he kept driving he told me to take off my clothes but to leave on only the elastic waistband skirt that I was wearing. He told me to pull the skirt up over my breasts, like a short dress.

"Get down on the floor under the dashboard so no one can see you in my car. Also, I don't want you to see where I am taking you."

I simply obeyed him. As we finally arrived at his neighborhood, he ordered me to get up and to sit on the seat.

"Don't try anything stupid! If you run when we get out, I will catch you. If you lock the doors when I get out, you will only anger me and I have the car keys."

I sat there in the passenger seat as he exited his car. He closed the driver's door and walked around to open the car door where I sat. He let me out of the car. I could see that I was in a neighborhood that I was not familiar with so I said to myself, 'How could I run? I don't know where to run because I don't know this area!'

We entered his home. I noticed that the windows had gates on them. The gates had locks that needed to be locked or unlocked with a key. As I turned around to look at the door where he was still standing, I noticed that he was holding in his hand a large bunch of keys with about, maybe 80 keys on the ring. He was going through the bunch of keys, finding a key for each of the nine locks that went down the door frame, locking each lock with a separate key from the bunch. I knew that this was to make it impossible for me to ever escape. First I would have to somehow get those keys away from this madman, this intended murderer. Next, I would have to find each key for each lock in that large bunch of keys. Also, I would have to do this in a timely manner while no doubt, fighting for my life.

When he finished locking each lock he ordered me into the living room area. He ordered me to sit on the couch while he walked across the living room to a television set. He turned on that television and told me to watch a movie. He sets the TV on the movie that he wanted me to see, then he says calmly,
"When the movie is over... I will kill you!"

He went into the back of his house but he soon returned to the living room where he sat down on the couch, right next to me. The movie that was playing was one that I saw before, many times. It was titled "The Mechanic" starring Charles Bronson. The murderer in that movie ran around naked stabbing women to death.

I said to myself, 'I wonder why he wants me to see this movie. He must want me to know that he is serious and this is how he is going to kill me.'

I must have been praying silently but I am not sure if I was praying at all. For some strange reason though, I had been able to still remain very calm. I do not remember praying but I must have been praying because when I looked to where he was sitting, right next to me, he was laying there in a deep sleep, snoring. I did not freeze up or fail to use this opportunity, something inside me, made me react quickly but quietly. It was as if I knew that this was my only chance to try to escape.

I was able to detach the large bunch of keys, quietly from the belt loop on his pants, which he was wearing. I quietly and slowly left the living room arriving at the front door where he had locked each separate lock, the nine of them. I started fumbling through the keys, finding somehow each key from a large number of keys, yet unlocking each lock with its correct key. I could not believe this was happening so easily and quickly. It was as if God had taken over all of my actions.

By the time I unlocked this last lock, I opened his front house door and exited his house, heading directly to his car. I wanted to get my pocketbook and the rest of my clothing out of his car because this neighborhood was a rich looking, Italian one. This was not an area for a young black girl to be found, running around, half naked.

I was determined to get into the car. However, I was now more nervous on the outside of his home than I had been when I was in his home, sitting on that couch waiting for him to kill me.
I was fumbling with the keys. My hands were trembling by this time and for some strange reason, I could not find the car key to get into his car. I had the same giant bunch of keys that I had just found nine separate keys for nine separate locks. I had those keys from that same bunch that unlocked each lock and allowed me to get outside to where I was standing but for some reason, at that time, I could not find this car key. I continued to try to get into the car, but that man exited his front home door and started to chase me around his car. I kept running around his car but I started to reason quickly to myself, 'If I keep running around this car, he is going to catch me!'

So I decided to throw his large bunch of keys as far as I could, in an effort to get him to go after his car keys. This idea, to my surprise, worked. He went to collect his keys; this gave me a small opportunity to start running up the street. I did not know where I was running to - but I was running for my life.

I did not see anyone on the streets and there were no cars driving around. I knew that in a matter of minutes this man would re-capture me and this would not be good for me. All of a sudden, I saw a car coming from the other direction but the passenger door was wide open as the driver was driving quickly towards me. The driver pulled alongside me, still driving because I was still running.

The driver, a man, was calling out to me, "Stop! Get in! Stop! Get in!"

I stopped and jumped into his car slamming his passenger door shut but immediately looking back at the rear view window. I could see that my would-be murderer had been chasing the car but he had stopped running as we pulled further away from him. I could see him standing there with a strange look on his face. I could tell he was in disbelief that I had escaped his capture.

I turned back around to sit down in the passenger seat where I realized that I was now in a car with a new stranger. He asked me, "Are you OK?

I asked him, "Where did you come from?"

He answered me," I was just driving along when I saw you running away from that man. I judged that by the way you are dressed that I needed to save you, so I guess I came to save you. Do you want me to take you to a Police Station or somewhere else?"

I was still for some strange reason very calm but in disbelief.

I answered him, "It has been a long night but that man picked me up in his car, locked me in his house and he said he was going to kill me. Please, I just had a baby. I just want to go home."

The man seemed genuinely concerned. He asked me my address and proceeded to drive me home. I stayed quiet during the ride but I decided that since he was nice enough to drive me home and to save my life, I could at least talk to him. I do not remember what we talked about but I am sure that he was just as convinced as I was that God had stepped in during this experience. God had provided me with calm so that I could escape my, would be, murderer.

When this driver pulled up in front of my apartment building, I thanked him for happening along at the right time and for driving me home. He was a decent Italian man. He waved goodbye to me and assured me that he was happy to be the one that God used to save my life.

"I hope you learned your lesson." He said to me as he drove off.

I knew I would never see him again or that if I did see him again, I possibly would not remember him or what he looked like. I watched his car pull out of the block. I called up to the front window of the apartment building that I lived in, to my husband, who was with our baby boy. He pulled up the window, leaned out and tossed down the apartment keys. When I entered the lobby of my apartment building I started hurrying up the stairs to my apartment door. I just wanted to hold my baby in my arms.

While standing at my apartment door, before I could put the key in the door, I finally lost my cool. I broke down and I started crying out loud until I was finally sobbing quietly enough to enter my apartment to hold my baby. My husband did not answer the door to see why I was crying. He was abusive always and never really seemed to care anyway.

I did not want to scare my baby though so I entered my apartment quietly, walked over to the baby crib and picked him up from out of there. I held him so close, sitting up in a comfy chair, and there we fell asleep, just like that. I don't even remember speaking very much that morning to my, then, husband. I just did not want to talk to anyone.

No, I never did report this incident to the Police because I did not know this would be murderer's address. I did not know that neighborhood or the license plate or make of his car. Yes, I did feel really bad about this.

I did not learn my lesson from that incident, either. I went on for years living recklessly, going down a self-destructive path and yet for some reason, God continued to show up, saving me time and time again. I was extremely miserable in those days so the behaviors were a result of my constant abuse and unhappiness. God continued to save me from other near-death situations, from a 25 years sentence to prison, from eviction, drug addiction, from the loss of my employment and helped me save other co-workers from the loss of their employment, etc. Each time He was making it clear that if it were not for Him I would have certainly suffered the consequences for my stupidities or other's actions against me. There were also the direct answers to my prayers. God always made it clear to me and anyone who happened to witness these blessings that it was Him that was providing escape and mercy.

I couldn't understand why He felt that I was worthy of Him or worthy of life. I realized though, that each time he saved me, I talked about it, I shared it all with others. I gave God all the glory that He deserved. It did not matter where I was, even in the jail cells; I talked about God's promises and the ways that He saved my life, those miracles of my life - by Him, a loving, merciful protector.

I shared His name, Jehovah and I did not hold back in talking about Him because I learned from it all - that this is what He required of me. He expected me to share my experiences with others to inspire them about Him and his son, Jesus Christ.

This is what I will continue to do until the day I die because He is so worthy and not once has He left my side. I had abandoned Him but He stayed lovingly there for me each and every time that I called out to Him. He was always there also being that dependable, loyal friend, a loving Almighty Father, there for me, even when I was subconsciously praying.

This is why I will continue to sing his praises. This is why I will continue to share his name and to spread the good news about his kingdom.

(Psalms 83:18, Matthew 6:33, Matthew 24:14, Matthew 28: 19 & 20, John 17:3 & 4, John 14:28, Matthew 3:16& 17, Matthew 4: 1-11, etc...)
My Testimony
Contest Winner

Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by VMarguarite at

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