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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: August 28, 2017      Views: 69

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I need to admire you, before I can respect you. Fortunately, I'm easy to impress,

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This work has reached the exceptional level
Thoughts on the hurricane
"The War Against Harvey" by Spiritual Echo

With great empathy, I continue to watch the images and television coverage of the ravages of hurricane Harvey in Texas. From the safety of my home, it's easy to make a donation to the Red Cross, offer a prayer of gratitude that I have never faced a disaster or dealt with the challenge and coming to terms with having to start over. But, I can't help drifting into a philosophical mood.

When all is lost, the one fundamental shred of decency remains--human kindness. Thousands of volunteers, first responders and emergency federal agencies have descended onto Texas. Though in the middle of a disaster, help is on the way. Texas is not alone.

Rescuers are saving lives without regards to skin colour, religion or political affiliation. What may have seemed of immense importance last week has dissolved into the need to survive; Americans helping Americans, as it should be and always has been. Maybe we forgot for awhile. The lesson may be cruel, but it is a worthy time to reflect on our vulnerability.

As people stream into shelters, food, water, dry clothes and medical care is dispensed without a cash register in sight; human kindness prevails. The elation of surviving will soon dissolve into despair. Hundreds of thousands have lost everything; their homes and livelihoods. Starting over will not be an option --no one has a choice other than to continue in survival mode. It will take months to restore basic infrastructure, and many may never be able to return home.

Looking into the eyes of survivors who decided to tough out the storm, the horror of living through the devastation, experiencing this catastrophe, I see victims who are already creating scar tissue. Post-traumatic stress and depression is sure to follow.

Now, imagine for a moment, replacing each raindrop from the sky with a bullet, each storm surge with a bomb. Think about huddling in some corner of your home praying for help--but knowing none will come--no one cares. There are millions of refugees who are living without hope. Yes, it's a good time to reflect.

Even as Hurricane Harvey lashed across the Gulf of Mexico on Friday, the White House issued a 'reassuring' statement about their commitment to 'The Wall'. It seems to me, a conversation regarding a sea wall might have more impact and make infinitely more sense. Yes, it's absolutely a good time to slip into a melancholy reflection about what truly is important.

The human spirit continues to prevail. It may take months or years to restore services to Southern Texas, but I have no doubts the courage and conviction needed to begin again, remains strong .It is not an American trait, but rather, evidence of our global humanity.

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