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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Script
  Posted: October 28, 2019      Views: 30

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You are enjoying another piece of writing penned by the NUMBER 5 RANKED SCRIPT WRITER OF THE YEAR FOR 2019!!!

My reviews are mere suggestions. Feel free to use anything that provides assistance and/or chuck the whole shebang.

For 2 - more...

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #21 spot on the rankings.

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The assassination of Senator Bradford Elrod
"The Clown #2: Potter's Field" by Brett Matthew West

"Potter's Field"


Sheriff Brock Daniels, and Texas Ranger Franklin Bates, investigate the homicide scene of Joshua Bedolla's remains.


(A note was found pinned to the left cup of Maisie Allen's Playtex 18-Hour bra that read: Little ones, big ones, and everything in between straight from the chests of Texas cowgirls. Every cowboy's delight.)

FRANKLIN BATES: Forensic's dusting the note for prints and any info they can pull. We should hear from Round Rock soon.

SHERIFF DANIELS: (Examines what remains of the cadaver's foot with the stubble end of a pencil) Ever seen this kind of atrocity in the Austin Blues bars you gig? This is victim number three discovered in the last two weeks.

FRANKLIN BATES: Ho cat. They jump and jive, but wailin' a sax don't never cause this kind of savagery. Too bad whoever done this didn't leave us a map.

SHERIFF DANIELS: He did. All we have to do is follow the clues he left behind.

FRANKLIN BATES: You telling me a wood chipper gnawed this bone?

SHERIFF DANIELS: (Stands up and inserts the pencil into the pocket of his uniform's shirt) Lions feed where they kill, Franklin. When I visited Maisie Allen in the trauma unit of the Crosby County Regional Medical Center just before she entered the afterlife, she provided me the details of her attack.

FRANKLIN BATES: I'm all ears.

SHERIFF DANIELS: Maisie said she stopped her Elantra on the side of Highway 62 and an unknown male with a frizzy Mohican orange hairdo approached.

FRANKLIN BATES: Orange hair? Ring any bells?

SHERIFF DANIELS: Only one, with a clapper that screams keep him talking, don't interrupt him when he's speaking, and never ask him why he slaughtered his victims.


SHERIFF DANIELS: Because it's the only way you're going to solve the cache of cold cases stashed in the trunk of your car and take answers back to their desperate families. Been there. Done that.

FRANKLIN BATES: I like perps recounting straightforward details. (Removes his polarized Ray-Bans) Makes solving dilemmas easier.

SHERIFF DANIELS: A certain amount of psychology also has to be employed to achieve that goal where this one's concerned, including laughing along with him and making him believe you're his primo uno, number one, best friend.

FRANKLIN BATES: Hate it when that happens.

SHERIFF DANIELS: You might even have to go as far as to make fun of his victims. The thing is, you've gotta make him believe you're chic to keep him talking, cause once he clams up it's over. You won't pry another sound out of him with a crowbar.

FRANKLIN BATES: Ever try a baseball bat between the eyes?

SHERIFF DANIELS: Nope, but more than once I've wanted to with this nitwit.

FRANKLIN BATES: Gotta hand it to you, sheriff. You know your suspect well.

SHERIFF DANIELS: I should. We grew up together in Portland, Oregon. I know how he got his burnt orange hair, as well as his size 14EE shoe size. And, that is what this whole ordeal has always been about.

FRANKLIN BATES: I'm clueless.

SHERIFF DANIELS: Bannister has a running competition in his delusional mind to see which one of us is superior in our craft. Me as a sheriff or him as a prolific serial killer. His first known victim was Clare Chapman in Spokane, Washington. Bannister is on record for saying he would never again attempt to bury a body in volcanic ash and that he had to leave part of her arm, from the elbow down, exposed.

FRANKLIN BATES: How'd his wag kick off?

SHERIFF DANIELS: Bannister started to drown her, then yanked her out of the stream by her hair and G-knotted her.

FRANKLIN BATES: The Bug-Eyed Monster's gone off the deep end.

SHERIFF DANIELS: That's a reasonably accurate depiction. Bannister''s often spoken about the mini-floral dress she wore, and the gold chain around her neck he fondled before strangling her. It had a little tiger charm on it. When her body was unearthed the bauble was missing.

FRANKLIN BATES: Bannister flick it?

SHERIFF DANIELS; That's the buffalo being hunted. Bannister likes shiny things and has never displayed any remorse for his actions. The charm would have been the scavenger's earliest laurel.

FRANKLIN BATES: The Clown is one Grade A certified, heavy duty, nutsy cuckoo with a tenuous grasp on reality.

SHERIFF DANIELS: He's also sketched remarkably detailed color portraits of his victims that have proven invaluable in cracking several cases.

FRANKLIN BATES: Why does my subcortex tell me regret ain't never tugged on his heart like no leech?

SHERIFF DANIELS: Peculiarly, he told Maisie his name was Marcus and asked her to drive him into town. He's never been known to use that pseudonym before. It's always been Bee-Bo the Clown. Something more to consider.

FRANKLIN BATES: Maisie must of been a trustin' soul.

SHERIFF DANIELS: Maisie Allen was elderly, about 70. But, she always did have a heart of gold. Never mean to anyone. Most Saturdays you could find her feeding the homeless in the soup kitchen. Treated the down and out like they were her next of kin.

FRANKLIN BATES: And, she paid for her geniality with her life?

SHERIFF DANIELS: Maisie claimed she told this Marcus fellow he'd stopped the right woman. She said her husband owns the Chevron on Cassandra Boulevard in Astatula. When they arrived there, Maisie invited him inside. That's when he pulled out a gun and demanded money. She described the weapon as an orange Luger Parabellum. As you might imagine, her death devastated her husband Tate.

FRANKLIN BATES: She knew her guns.

SHERIFF DANIELS: This used to be a peaceful sodbusting community until four years ago when the Astatula Assassin terrorized the town. Ever since then, around these parts most folks own at least one firearm. Some more than that. And, they know how to use them.

FRANKLIN BATES: Nowhere to go but up.

SHERIFF DANIELS: Even my son, Cody, totes a little peashooter in his backpack. Now, this is happening all over again? Most of these people are mighty scared.

FRANKLIN BATES: Joshua Bedolla was an Exxon clerk. Seems our minion has a hankerin' for such enterprises.

SHERIFF DANIELS: Tell me Franklin, what's a number cruncher like you doing out here in the middle of the estacadoa anyway? This mesa doesn't see much activity from high rollers passing through.

FRANKLIN BATES: State Senators don't get waxed like Elrod did. We know Bedolla hitched out here. And, we found Elrod's Cadillac. But, what puzzles us are the glossy femme magazines uncovered in the trunk of the senator's Seville. He wasn't known to frequent cathouses. My official report is gonna be Bedolla murdered Elrod to swipe his ride.

SHERIFF DANIELS (Continues walking): Didn't Elrod propose legislation to mandate the sentence for three time losers be life without parole? That controversial stand could provide several enemies.

FRANKLIN BATES: Elrod was tough on crime.

SHERIFF DANIELS: That's one of the reasons his popularity numbers never waned.

FRANKLIN BATES: I take it you propose a different theory than the Rangers, sheriff? You're the law in Crosby County. I'll listen. Spoon feed me.

SHERIFF DANIELS: (Rubs his chin with his hand and ponders) Bedolla and Elrod may be connected. But, this little trinket I found by the remains paints a vivid picture. It's the calling card of the apex predator. I've seen his trademark left with each of his previous victims.

FRANKLIN BATES: (Scoffs) Mark Bannister's tucked so deep in the belly of Huntsville he'll never see the light of day.

SHERIFF DANIELS: (Twirls the amulet over in his fingers) If you have the slightest doubt what I'm telling you, Franklin, don't. This amulet is as sure as it gets. Bannister's a cold-blooded, ruthless killer. He's the most dangerous criminal I've ever encountered.

FRANKLIN BATES: I hope you're wrong about the Clown, sheriff. But, I'll tell you an insider secret.

SHERIFF DANIELS: I'm listening.

FRANKLIN BATES: Recent raids were conducted Elrod was mixed up in the middle of.

SHERIFF DANIELS: So, you think Elrod went south?

FRANKLIN BATES: We know this much, Elrod was the force behind the latest 36-cents-a-gallon increase in gas taxes that funded Governor Anderson's construction plan to put the new expressway through his hometown of Carroll.

SHERIFF DANIELS: (Walks out onto the pavement) Someone wants Elrod dead and we're running out of time. But a dollar to a doughnut, it was not Bodella.

FRANKLIN BATES: Viva la outta here. Text me if you get anything new, sheriff.


Author Notes
G-Knot - slang for garrott

wag - slang for lady friend

One area I am really trying to concentrate on in this script is providing both characters their own voices. While reading through the script could you tell a difference between Sheriff Daniels "voice" and Franklin Bates "voice"? Or did they sound like they were coming from the same speaker? Your input appreciated.

This is Evan, by Lilibug6, selected to complement my script.

So, thanks Lilibug6, for the use of your picture that provides Cody such an easily recognizable face on FanStory.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by Lilibug6 at

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