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 Category:  Humor Poetry
  Posted: October 14, 2019      Views: 8

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I've been writing for over 40 years. I enjoy meditation and am interested in both western and eastern spiritual practices.

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A wandering goat
"That Darn Goat" by Yvon
Billy owned, Billy's goat, it had three legs and a stub.
A crazy beaver gnawed one off and left it as a nub.
That goat would wander anywhere, making its feeble way.
What a normal goat would walk in an hour, Billy's took a day.

One day he came upon a moose, the biggest beast he'd seen.
Black flies were all around its head so that moose was acting mean.
It was jumping up and bellowing out, flies were everywhere.
Billy's goat was the meanest around and for this moose he did not care.

He took his three legged stance and charged towards the beast.
He figured if he knocked him down, the flies would have a feast.
Well that moose was off and running, Billy's goat was left behind.
He stamped his hoofs, damned that moose, such fun was hard to find.

He left the place where the moose was and walked right into town.
Got tangled up in a clothesline and ate Mrs. Masters gown.
That goat would eat anything he could, including Tom's new laced shoes.
So Billy's neighbors got together, and made his goat into a stew.

People came from miles around, they had a picnic by old Billy's shed.
After Billy ate the fine goat stew, they told him that his goat was dead.
I don't know if it was shock or not but a smile spread across Billy's face.
He coughed he burped, said excuse me friends and up came a black shoelace.

We were all surprised to see this because the goat was quartered and cleaned
But we never knew what Billy ate, or where that man had been.

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Author Notes
Goats will eat just about anything.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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