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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: January 10, 2020      Views: 35

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Pushin' and prayin' for a paradigm shift in Humanity's stinkin' thinkin'.

"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Matthew 10:16

The man who h - more...

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Of course, neither thing exists-lol
"My crony FS friends, and ..." by djeckert
My crony FS friends, and Easter bunnies-
(Of course, neither thing exists-lol )

Come now you judges

Do you love fluffy bunnies?

I know that you do!

Judge right, my crony buddies...

Give me some Fanstory cash!

3 Line Poetry Contest contest entry

Author Notes
What if unelected and unaccountable (Through anonymity), "contest" Judges, on this very site, are able to reward, in crony like fashion, the poets and writers that they personally agree with, or at least, maybe the ones who just don't piss them off with what they might write or believe? (Philosophically, or religiously. Like, for instance, things of a secular humanist nature, or a Christian one for that matter.) I posed this question up in the past and got no indication whatsoever that what I am implying might not be true. (Along with typical apathy over cronyism. ) So I'm going to do it again. It's a very lucrative and potentially greatly self- promoting , or selectively promoting and extremely unfair power or ability for " contest" judges to magnify one voice over another voice, without any accountability that is practiced orpresent on this forum. It is something that needs to be addressed in any forum presenting itself as a non dictatorial, "open community" or platform (Facebook and the like not excepted) . Is anyone else out there, perturbed by this "art immitating real life", phenomena? I would hope so. I do get some feedback that indicates that some are. Why are we so helpless in this? I for one, am seriously considering to stop my financial support of such a crony, dictatorial system.
Democratically elected contest judges could lift up the quality of this site in the same way true Freedom of expression lifts up any entity.

disqualify my entry? (For being a tanka like critter rather than a 5-7-5)

Like I had a shot anyways.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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