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 Category:  Fantasy Fiction
  Posted: January 18, 2020      Views: 21

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A proud Dad to three and a proud Grandfather to four.

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Chapter 1 of the book The wooden door
Fed wants to be a man
"The wooden door" by Colin Lowley

What fun to start writing another book.

The wooden door

It was said that: "By opening the door you would vanish, that you would never be seen again, forgotten forever". It was too much of a curiosity not to try, or just to take a peep. On a wet overcast damp morning, I made my way to the door. It was in the middle of a very old forest which was called Tremor. The oak tree that hid the door was a giant tree and it was surrounded by smaller trees in height, yet they were all as wide as each other, which was very peculiar and mysterious. There were hardly any gaps between the trees, they were all very close to each other, like soldiers on a parade.

I had taken my bag and staff and put a few provisions inside, some bread, cheese, two apples, a rope and some water in my leather hip bag. I also took my smallest dagger; We were in early spring, and a rabbit was very easy to catch if you knew how. It took me a while to get there, through the back of the village, up Steeply hill and past the fallen trees, then down into Tremor valley.

The fishermen of Camlock were the only people I saw, but that was from a distance. I went past Scarecrow row, which was just before the valley and it was surrounded by birds. The birds were not frightened at all by the head dropping stuffed barley sacks that were in line, up and down in rows in the farmers' field. Black Crows were common in these parts and as big as a small cat mostly.

Strangely as I approached the forest opening, I turned and there was not a bird in sight. I should tell you right now that I have never been to the forest and that my mother would be waking me up right now, for my morning bowl of very fine oats.

I am Fed Right by the way, a very intelligent sixteen-year-old boy, who knows when it's time for an adventure, I put food on the table by going hunting with my father, who by now will be looking everywhere for me as this is market day, we have some wild boar and fowl to sell along with the many eggs we have taken from the eagles nests at Ridley point. Oh, and I am a bit forgetful, I should also mention I have borrowed my father's best Bow and long arrows, he would have wanted me to take them, he has five sets in total, and will be just fine without them.

The village storyteller Nat Longman explained about the oak tree and its door and I believe what he had told us, that you will vanish if you go in and about the white sign at the approach. Why am I going? To become a man, that's all.

I looked to the left and to the right, unkempt grass stopped at the forest edge, I peered into the opening to the forest and it was very dark with just the outline of trees within. Just behind a small bush to my left was the white outline of a board, as I pulled the rather overgrown twigs of the bush towards me black writing appeared, yet I could not understand what the words said; It read as follows:

"Trespassers will be prosecuted, do not enter"

Nobody knew what this meant as the writing was from another time when people could write and when there was no need to pass on stories like there is today. At least I knew from this sign, that Nat was telling the truth, this was the right way in.

Nat is a very good storyteller, he comes around every 7 days and stands on the large table that's in the village square and tells about three stories, then goes on his way to Camlock where he lives, we don't know his real name, we called him Nat because when he is on the table and also being the tallest of men, we see the horrid gnats being attracted to him, possibly because he has a nervous sweat or maybe they like his stories a much as we do.

I got my name when I was first born as we all do within the first few days. I could not stop crying for the first few hours in this world and my father remarked "his been fed right" thereafter this name stuck and my father was praised for coming up with a great name although he admitted he did not say it for me to have the name, he was just concerned about me.

We have always been told to ask a stranger his name before getting into conversation with him, if he cannot explain his name he is probably not of good character and could be giving a false name because he is wanted by the Thanes that run all the villages around here.

I am in the forest now and am moving slowly down a steep bank, not a sound to be heard, only the rustle of fallen leaves under my feet. At the bottom of the bank I look up and see an collection of intermingling branches that form an almost perfect roof with small slits of daylight shining through onto the leaf covered floor beneath my feet.
I made six slow steps in front of me as this was the only way to go, unless I went backwards off course, in no time at all a grey smelly mist started to wrap itself around my feet, then my legs and soon I saw not a single tree but just heard peoples voices....

"Hello" I said, with a quiet and polite tone, straight away the mist disappeared along with the smell, in front of me was a building full of people, happy people talking among themselves. To say I was shocked would be an understatement, I was petrified, but because the people were happy and had huge smiles on their faces this made me accept what was happening, and it helped that they paid no attention to me, which was good but also very puzzling.

The people were just men and women, they were dressed in very eye-catching clothes, the ladies wore long white dresses and the men wore all white suits and their hair was fair and neat, that was every single one of them. I looked down and I was wearing the same suit as the men were wearing, I swiftly pulled at my hair and it was blonde just as theirs were, yet my hair is dark normally.

Now I really was confused, no wonder they did not pay any attention to me, I walked slowly forward and nobody looked at me, they were still talking and laughing between themselves as though I was not there.Strangely they moved out of the way to make it easy for me go past them. Around the sides there were glass windows and not a tree to be seen, just a blue sky in the distance through the white arched windowpane.

I eventually went past the last group of people and was met with a large stone wall with a wooden door in the middle, the door was twice as tall as me and again had a sign which read the same as the one at the forest entrance.

"Trespassers will be prosecuted, do not enter".

Maybe this was saying "entrance, enter then you will vanish" just as Nat told us, or maybe this was a door back into the forest...
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