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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: January 24, 2020      Views: 26

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A proud Dad to three and a proud Grandfather to four soon to become 6 with a second set of twins.

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with just the weak
"A new age" by Colin Lowley
It came from nowhere in outer space,
to this earth it traveled to a resting place,
who could know? The unexpecting face,
the species that were here? Yet no Human race.

A blanket of fire covered the comet that fell,
with such an impact the planet did swell,
all around were caught by immediate death,
the fires then raged and killed most of the rest.

With smog and choking gases and floods from hell,
the aftermath ravaged all around the world,
life survived in the cracks and the tiniest of holes,
the dinosaurs died swiftly, the giants of old.

Over time the planet mended, and nature went its way,
making way for new faces, the weakest was their prey.
forests and trees surrounded by ocean soaked seas,
we came as an afterthought, the human disease.

We have ravaged our planet like no comet could do,
slaughtered our enemies then they slaughtered us too.
the defect in the brain that loves to see others in pain,
will surely be our undoing with the planet the same.

Wildfires are now common in worldly different parts,
striking the animal again through their open hearts,
could some of us hide in a crack or the tiniest hole?
and wipe out the rest who never had a soul.

We could then start again, with horse and cart
the wheel survived but car engines depart,
technology primitive but mighty in heart,
the weak then survive the strong dead at last.


Author Notes
We are overpopulated and face extinction due to global warming because we or others with simple brains are have got us to this place and time, they are the strong we are the weak although we are an overwhelming force who do not know how to collate power for the common good and the survival of our planet. Come on comet come around again.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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