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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: February 3, 2020      Views: 12

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A young girl and her imaginary world- rescued by reality
"Her Imaginary World" by Flyaway1

Growing up in a small town, with no siblings was a lonely business. I liked going to school, even without friends. As soon as I could read, I felt content. The rest of the world did not matter. Books took me places, where there was magic, princesses and heroes.

In the winter, I would curl up on my bed with a new book to keep me company. In the summer, I sought out the woods for a sunny spot. The real world interrupted my wonderful, whimsical life- never enough time to pretend.

The favorite part of my imaginary world was that I was the beautiful princess. It was fun to gather flowers and small branches to create my own crown. I may not have had friends, but I was not unhappy.

My teachers would remark on my report card that I was distant and did not engage in classes. My parents did not care as long as I got good grades. No one took a deeper look to see that I was alone.

Things did not change as I got older. When I was nine, I developed a crush on the boy that sat in front of me at school. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He was smart, good at sports and all the girls liked him.

He became the hero in my imagery world. He was my prince. We rode horses together, swam, learned how to fence and talked for hours at a time.

I thought so much about this story in my head, that I started to believe it was true. I wondered how I could get him to recognize me at school.

It hit me all at once, how could he possibly know me without my crown. All I needed to do was to wear my crown to school. When I got home, I ran into the woods to gather what I needed.

I fashioned myself a princess crown with small branches and flowers to wear to school the next day. I felt happy inside- now, he would recognize me. I wanted my classmates to know that we were friends.

I was excited to get to school that morning. My mother asked me what I had on my head. I told her my class was doing a play. In addition to my crown, I wrapped bows around my dress. I was ready. This was going to be my day to shine.

As the bell rang, I sat at my desk as proud as could be. It was not long before my classmates were pointing at my hair wrapped around branches with flowers. I could hear talking behind me, but I did not know they found me odd. I felt beautiful for the first time.

It did not take long before I heard giggling. I turned to see the looks on my classmates' faces. There was no adoration. They thought my beautiful crown was a joke. My face turned red and I felt my world crashing.

Worse of all, I realized that my thoughts were not real. The boy sitting in front of me was someone I did not know. I had mixed up my imaginary world with the true reality of my real world.

The teacher began passing our homework out. The boy, I liked, turned around to hand me my paper. He looked straight at my crown of branches. He paused for a moment, then he whispered: "Love the branches." He winked at me as he turned back around in his seat.

The teacher caught sight of my crown and asked me to go take the antlers off my head. I guess I broke the dress code, since my teacher told me to stay after school for detention. I did not even care for the boy had seen me.

After, I finished detention I walked out of my school to see the boy was waiting for me. He asked if he could walk me home. I just smiled. As we walked, he asked about the woods and told me how much he would like to see them. Turns out he had a great imagination too.

We became friends that day. My first real friend. I still read a lot of books, but my imaginary world took a back seat to a real friendship. We laughed a lot about my branches, but it was a good memory. I often think fondly of this boy and wonder what he did with his life.

Author Notes
My granddaughter is behind this story. She sent me the picture and asked if I could write a story to it.
It has a lot of little parts of my life inserted into the story.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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