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 Category:  Western Fiction
  Posted: May 25, 2020      Views: 103
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I've had some interesting years on this big blue dot in the solar system. Syracuse area for the past twenty years. Twelve years in Texas. Married for twenty six years. Five children and two grandchildren.

Since winning a publishing contr - more...

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #13 spot on the rankings.

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Chapter 11 of the book Hosea and the Lost Souls
Hosea, Lydia, and James flee an angry mob
"A Mountain of Evidence" by forestport12

Hosea is a mysterious preacher come to a town named Purgatory. When he warns the town, only a remnant is willing to escape before its too late.

The mob surged toward the church house. Hosea ushered Lydia and James beyond the altar and out the back door before the throng had a chance to surround it. They dashed into the woods where Hosea kept a campsite.

With Hosea's horse Patches tethered near his tent, Hosea gathered a saddlebag of goods, and placed both it and his companions on his horse, leading them through the tangled brush.

Saplings slapped Lydia's face. Thorns and thistles tore her dress and scrapped her legs. James buried his chin in her back and hung on as they ducked through the overgrowth. Hosea led them with the horse across the road close to the gold camps and out of sight from the unruly mob in town.

The trio navigated their way up an unfamiliar trail on the mountain where they could see the Lansing house on high.

With a sweat of fear on Lydia's forehead, she remarked to Hosea who stopped to catch his breath and rest along a crop of rocks. "I should talk to Laura. She's Dirk's sister, but she's never liked the town and what it represents."

In a gulf of silence, Hosea looked toward town and could see more hot air and mist spewing into the robin blue sky, creating a cloud over the crowds. He breathed a sigh. "Ask Laura if we can have some rations. When things subside, I need to go back and preach. That's what I came here for."

Hosea took James off the horse where they found a trickling creek of fresh water coming from a ledge of rocks. They both got down on their knees next to Patches who slurped at the water with his thick tongue.

The boy looked at Patches who whinnied, then he looked at how Hosea cupped the water with his hands and drank. He mimicked his mentor, cupping the water in his hands and slurping. Then he spewed the water from his mouth, spraying Hosea's face.

Hosea fell backward and laughed over the matter.

James took exception. "Taint funny. Water's warm as stew."

Hosea's brow dug in. "Signs of the times, son. Lord don't want no lukewarm Christians."

Hosea knew there was more to say. The boy was not ready to hear the whole judgement. And the preacher had a job to finish.

"Are we in a heap of trouble," Asked James, as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Hosea kept silent. Then he pulled a piece of deer jerky from his vest pocket and snapped it in half to share with the boy. The boy sat cross-legged with his floppy hat over his ears. They rested in the shade under a rocky ledge.

A tremor made the mountain tremble again. Hosea reined in Patches, as some shale rock skittered down the mountain over their heads.

Hosea looked at the boy who hunched his shoulders and slid beside him. "Don't you fret none. God has plans for you, to give you a hope and a future. One day a child will lead his remnant. And I believe he's chosen you."

Hosea knew his eyes glistened with tears to say it. The boy looked into his eyes as if to read into his soul.

James rested his head on Hosea's shoulder. "I won't go anywhere without you." Hosea needed the boy and Lydia more than they knew. It was the first time in years since the fire in Chicago took his family that he had anyone to love and care for.

Hosea looked away and saw Lydia shouldering a pack with her tattered skirt hiked, scampering over the rocks. She skipped over the creek and spoke out of breath. "Laura says, she... she knows this town's under judgement. She fears an avalanche. But she's got her mind made up to try and talk sense into her muleheaded brother."

Hosea stood and held the reins. "I have to go back. If you take the boy up the mountain, no harm will come. I will return. I promise."

"Is it too late for the town to be saved? My father?"

"Can't say, but this town won't last. It will be swallowed whole." It left a bitter taste in Hosea' s mouth saying it. "Folks been living above a shifting sea of fire a thin crust of earth. Nature itself will have its way with them, less God intervenes."

Hosea pushed her backside over the edge, as he spat dirt showering his face. "I will return." He placed James on his shoulders where Lydia pulled him up over the ridge.

She looked down at Hosea. "Tell my father, we can start over. Hogtie him if need be."

"It shan't be much further on foot to the miners cabin." Hosea handed her one of his pistols. "You know how to shoot?"

"Between the eyes-if the target is willing to hold for a spell."

Hosea nodded. "It should be cooler up there. But this town will be sweltering." He tugged on the reins of his horse and led Patches between boulders toward town.

But even Hosea couldn't so sure their anger wouldn't be stirred even more than before, like a witches cauldron waiting for the tender flesh.
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