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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: June 16, 2020      Views: 12

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I was a full time science and mathematics teacher for 40 years, was happily married for almost 51 years and am blessed with three children and six grandchildren . Our children live on three different continents and I am so grateful to have the faci - more...

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Plans to be made at short notice
"A Sudden Move" by persevere

At 1.15 pm on Thursday, 11 November 1965, UDI was declared by Ian Smith, the Prime Minister of Rhodesia.
My husband came home in the evening. All British Army personnel were being withdrawn from Rhodesia.
An urgent reshuffling of Rhodesian officers was being undertaken.My husband was to fly to Bulawayo early on Saturday to take up a vacated post whilst I would have to follow by car,
accompanied by our eight month old son JJ and our dog, as soon as possible.

Arrangements were made with a removal company to store most of the contents of the house; transport to Bulawayo would be arranged at a later date.

On Friday my husband moved from room to room indicating which items would need to go in the car.
He then packed all he required for his immediate needs.
He left early next morning.

The removal company arrived and did as they were bid

I then loaded the car as methodically as possible.
Items for the boot had to be those not needed for the journey.
The suitcases took up space. Then there was the undercarriage of the bulky 3-in-1 Pedigree pram.
That left irregular pockets of space in the boot, too irregular for all the ' not needed items for the journey'.

Baby JJ's needs were carry cot, car seat, changes of clothing, half a dozen nappies, waterproof bag for soiled nappies,toiletries, Heinz purees etc.... and favourite teddy bear!

Snobby ( cross Alsatian Doberman, so named because he was the only one of the litter who did not come running to the prospective owner! ) had to have his blanket, food and water bowl.

Mother's needs had to be cut to a bare minimum!

Kindly neighbours had me, JJ, and Snobby for Saturday night.

Early next morning all three of us were fed, JJ burped, and Snobby briefly exercised.
Night attire and a couple of soiled nappies were stowed.
Farewells were said and a yawning JJ was accommodated in his carry cot on the back seat.
Snobby happily positioned himself on one of the prepared layers.

Ready, steady , and off.......but where is the car key? I recall having it in my hand.
The search began.
Perhaps it had dropped to the ground outside the luck!
The only option was to peel away the layers.
There the key was , right at the bottom.

By this time JJ was wide awake. The car seat in the front was cleared and it's contents transferred to the carry cot. I placed JJ in his car seat ( in the front of the car in those days!)

With a now restless Snobby, the journey began.

Not far out of the city, Snobby jumped onto my lap.
I pulled to the side of the road and placed him back on his blanket.
His behaviour was unacceptable.

I made a mental note of the position of Snobby's worldly goods and pulled into an outlying police station.
Snobby must have been aware of his mistress's intent to ask the police to find him a good home.
He crawled under the parked car and refused to budge.

I relented, changed the position of his blanket to the other side of the car and the journey resumed.
He settled and was content in his new position.

Stability was restored and a stop was made at a lay-by for lunch.
All were fed and watered.
And Snobby, bless him, took himself off for a walk.

Once again the journey resumed.
Almost at once, an ominous odour pervaded the car interior.
Snobby had rolled in manure!!
There was no police station in sight this time.
I opened all windows and anchored lighter objects in place.

After a 6 hour journey we arrived at our destination, my parents' home.
My husband was there to welcome us, smells and all.

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