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 Category:  Biographical Fiction
  Posted: July 8, 2020      Views: 124

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BethShelby is retired from the printing and commercial art field. She is married and has four children and three grandchildren. She and her husband presently live in Tennessee.

Painting, photography, and writing are her passion. She has ha - more...

She is a top ranked author at the #69 position.

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #8 spot on the rankings.

She is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #56 spot on this years rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #10 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level
Dealing with a the aftermath of a tornado.
"All's Well That Ends Well" by BethShelby

“Just pick up the pieces…”, I told my daughter. “It’s not the end of the world. You have insurance. You’ll get through this."

“But Mom,” she said. “There’s nothing left to pick up. Everything is gone. My house and everything in it is scattered over the whole neighborhood. Some of my stuff is probably miles away. I just got through updating my house and now this.”

“Look at the bright side. Everything turned out okay when you burned our house down. We got through it, and we were better off than before. This will work out the same way. You are so fortunate that you and Ben are alive and weren’t hurt. Stuff can be replaced. You’ve got a lot to be thankful for. People are often killed in tornadoes. Just think of all the people who were injured in this one. Even your dogs made it through without getting hurt.”

“I know but we lost a lot of things that can’t be replaced. I had so many pictures and antiques. Besides, every time a cloud comes up, I’m going to be freaking out. Mom, I was scared to death. Both of us were. We thought we were going to die.”

“Well, you know you can always come over here and stay with me until you get back on your feet.”

“No, Ben’s already talked to the insurance man. They’re putting us up in a motel until we can rent something, or build back.”

The Easter weekend tornado that tore through Chattanooga on Sunday night April 13 this year destroyed 344 homes and traveled over 14 miles as it came through the area. The only spot in her house that wasn’t ripped apart was the one place she and her husband were standing. They couldn’t get out of their yard or their street until the fallen trees and debris were removed. They finished the night trying to sleep in a damaged car.

The insurance company saw to their immediate needs. After being in a motel with all their dogs and cats for a couple of weeks, they were transferred to a nice temporary rental house. Now, she driving a much nicer car, since her car was totaled. They decided not to build back because all the trees are gone, and the once beautifully tree lined street will be years regaining its charm. Besides her section of the city seems to draw storms. It is what some folks call a tornado alley.

She called me yesterday all excited. “Mom, guess what. We are closing on our new house next week. The yard is fenced and landscaped. It’s perfect, I can’t wait. We’ve got a boat dock just a block away. It looks like a park over here. This is so much nicer than what we had before.”

“See, I told you everything would work out. All you had to do was pick up the pieces and start over.”

“Oh yeah, I meant to tell you, we did manage to find a few pieces to pick up, but I’m not sure I want to bother gluing them back together. We’re getting all new things. This is going to be a lot better than dealing with all those old pieces of junk."


What Happened? writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write a story that starts with: "Just pick up the pieces..."


Author Notes
Except of for the exact dialogue, this is based very closely on a true story.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. BethShelby All rights reserved.
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