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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: August 27, 2020      Views: 109

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"Like every book I never wrote, it is by far the best book I've ever written."

G. K. Chesterton

He is a top ranked author at the #20 position.

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This work has reached the exceptional level
We're poisoning a generation with hate.
"The Water We Swim In" by Mark Valentine
Hatred of Muslims, and black folks, and gays,
Of immigrant outspoken women.
Imagine the price your humanity pays
When that is the water you swim in.
When all that you read on your Twitter at night,
And all that you see on Fox News,
Says patriotism is Christian and White,
And it’s treason to hold diff’rent views.
And if you’re a searching and pliable youth,
Who desp’rately wants to believe
The lies that they tell you are somehow the truth,
From their viewpoint you’ll apperceive:
That democrats, should they gain power again,
Will make their first order of business
To sign into law with the stroke of a pen
A bill that forbids “Merry Christmas”.
They’ll make it so all of our enemies win
(You know they’re all members of Isis).
They’ll let all the Mexican murderers in
If they’re left to their own devices.
And did you know Hill’ry sold children for sex
Somewhere in the ‘burbs of DC?
It’ll happen again (that’s what Fox News projects),
With Kamala as the VP.
We know Phony Kamala and Sleepy Joe,
Both enemies of self-reliance,
Will make you wear masks, tell you where you can’t go.
All this in the interest of “science”.
They’ll take all your guns and your bibles away,
Besmirch your confederate heroes.
And while cities burn, on their fiddles they’ll play,
With nonchalance rivaling Nero’s.
Yeah, I suppose maybe, there could be just one
Lost and alone teen-aged boy,
Who's drinking their Kool-Aid, while loading his gun.
Perhaps right here in Illinois.



Author Notes
17 year-old Kyle Rittenhouse (from Illinois) took a rifle to a rally last night and shot three people, killing two. 17!

I know people will blame it on mental illness, but mental illness, especially in a 17 year-old, is often an empty vessel in search of something to fill it. In our America, mental illness need not look far. Hyperbolic hatred, including insane conspiracy theories, permeate every corner of the internet and niche news - it is the water we swim in.

I know the real victims are the ones who were killed - my heart and prayers go out to them. But the ones who hate end up being victims also - victims of the poisoned Kool-Aid they've drunk.

If any of my poem seems humorous, it's purely accidental and a product of my instinct for writing smart-ass parodies. There's nothing funny about what's happening in our country right now, nor the shamelessly evil President who "leads" it.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Mark Valentine All rights reserved.
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