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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: September 18, 2020      Views: 210

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Author/Poet. I have published two books on Amazon. They are the first two books in my "From the Mind of a Poet" series. The latest book is titled: Poems From a Black Life that Matters! Check it out!

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This work has reached the exceptional level
The real VIrus
"Donald-16" by the13thpoet
There's a virus going around
And No! It's not Covid-19
It's been almost five years
Since it showed up on the scene

When it first showed its head
No one paid it any mind
But this deadly virus started to take hold
With the passage of time

Very few raised any alarms
There was no fire, just a little smoke
Mostly no one took it seriously
They considered it a joke

No one knew how deadly it could be
That realization came much later
But the virus knew what it would do
As it descended the escalator

Soon as it reached the bottom
It began to spread its deadly germs
Hot air begin to blow from the orange glow
And the embers really started to burn

This fiery virus began its attack
In no particular order
It first attacked the Mexicans
Both here and at the border

Some thought this was unfair
The attacks were vicious and brazen
But those of you with a low IQ
Thought it was just amazing

No one should have been surprised
This virus's attacks go way back
Remember it wanted to kill those Central Park 5
Cause they were brown and Black

The attacks became more frequent
More vicious and more hardy
Soon the virus began to spread
Throughout the Republican Party

It had no regard as it spread
Its attacks were rude and pushy
There were past attacks on women way back
It said it grabbed them by the pussy

It attacked the Republicans time after time
But they vowed not to let it in
But somehow then, they just gave in
And let the virus win

Now the virus was nearly unstoppable
It became more brash and bold
It attacked all those who might oppose
Whether they were friends or foes

It's been almost four years
Since the virus has took control
Sends its germs to attack, whether white or Black
Doesn't matter if you're young or old

This deadly virus plagues the world
And I think this country is cursed
Then suddenly Covid appeared
And just made matters worse

The virus let his friend Covid
Roam around unimpeded
The virus's task, ignore the mask
Make the people think they don't need it

Now that the virus has taken the right
Progress is what's left
Some can't believe they still can't breathe
And there's been nearly 200,000 deaths

You don't have to let the virus infect you
No matter how hard it tries
It will attack with alternate facts
But don't succumb to the MAGA lies

There are rumors in the air
That this plague will be over soon
So many of those, have been exposed
That the herd has become immune

But the virus doesn't plan to leave
And refuses to accept defeat
It has even become so contagious
You might catch it through a tweet

The virus's once deadly spread
Seems to be losing its affect
You once were admired, the people grew tired
Of your disregard and disrespect

The clouds have a silver lining
Though the skies still look gray and crummy
Coming to the scene, there's a promising vaccine
I think it's called Biden-20

Until then social distance and wash your hands
Make sure that they're clean
The UNITED STATES can thrive, if we just survive
This Pandemic of Donald-16.

Rhyming Poem contest entry


Author Notes
To the readers: First I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, just a "citizen" who sees it like it is. I'm conservative on some things and liberal on others. It should never be about what side of the isle you're on but if you're are on the side of what's right. Early on in this crisis Trump said "we can't let the cure be worse than the disease." If Covid is the disease and as President you're suppose to be the cure, then the cure now worse than the disease is.

This poem was pinned before Trump contracted covid-19. It seemed fitting to repost/promote this poem again. I notice some people wishing him well and refraining from criticizing him at this time, I'm sorry but I won't be doing that. Why show this man any sympathy when he so callously continues to downplay this virus even after contracting it himself. He downplayed and lied about the virus from the beginning and continues to do so even after he contracted the disease. He tells the people not to be scared of Covid, that we can beat it. Tell that to the +200,000 that have already died. Yeah we may all be able to beat it if we had a helicopter to land at our door and take us to get some of the world's best treatment (on our tax dollars might I add). While you're using tax dollars to get the world's best care and experimental treatments, the average American is struggling and couldn't get all the things you have access to despite the fact that we are paying for it. While you're at Walter Reed getting the best care the American tax payer can buy, you are actively in court trying to take away healthcare from the people who provide you with yours. You are the President of the United States not the red states. Obamacare helped all Americans not just ones in the blue states. Stop playing politics with peoples' lives.

What happened to only 60,000 or 70,000 deaths if we follow the guidelines? What happened to it will magically go away? What happened to the oath you took to the constitution and the people. Mr. President it's more to your job than projecting strength, your focus should be making America strong, then you are strong. Right now American is anything but strong, we are poorer, sicker, and more divided than we have ever been and it's all under your watch. The only thing worse than a disease that kills indiscriminately is the person who let it happen and did nothing to stop it.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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