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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: October 26, 2020      Views: 23
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Chapter 5 of the book No Child of Mine
Juliette finally joins her silly family
"Motherhood" by AshelinaB

Little Juliette enters the world to tears of joy, shouts of excitement, and frenzy everywhere. Within moments of her birth, she is cut off from everything that has given her life, toweled dry, has things shoved into her nose and mouth to clear them, gets the bottom of her foot pricked and a vitamin K shot, and takes a couple of APGAR tests. 

Her mother protests most of that time but also has to deliver the placenta. The wrath, panic, and heartbreak that the woman’s overactive hormones flooded her with at being separated from her child drain away once her daughter is placed in her arms. Leaky eyes, a grinning mouth, and a rare soft voice tell the newborn, “Hi sweetie, I’m your mommy! I’m so glad to meet you.”

Her child instinctively rubs her pudgy face against her mother’s chest, making the woman’s heart melt even more. 

Nicki places a hand over her wife’s on their baby’s back and leans down to kiss Amanda. “Heya, b-babe,” she says through the joyful quiver in her voice. “How are you doing?”

“Just great,” Amanda replies, glowing in her happiness.

The couple nuzzles faces before kissing each other.

The older woman pulls away first to press her face to the pillow under her wife’s head and hide her tears. Her hand leaves Juliette to stroke Amanda’s wet cheek. She sits down on the chair nearest the hospital bed’s side and wraps her other arm around the back of Amanda’s neck. “I’m just so happy that I don’t know what to do!”

Amanda grins and leans her head to the side so as rest on Nicki’s. Her left arm wraps around her wife as well while her right hand keeps Juliette securely anchored between their hearts.

Both women turn their faces slightly and end up kissing each of their baby’s cheeks.

The little family stays wrapped up in each other for some time.

Hannah, Reese, and Emily watch them from their own little world.


After a span of time goes by that is both short and long, Juliette begins to squirm. Her mouth moves hungrily against her mother’s skin in a search for sustenance.

Amanda pushes aside the top of her paper gown without any hesitance or notice of anyone around them. Then she rolls her eyes at Nicki’s naughty chuckles and Emily’s teasing catcalls. Her eyes snap up when her best friend whines and smacks her wife who is only too eager to help her copy the new mother. “Hey!” Amanda protests too when she feels her own wife lightly grab her. 

“Helping!” the blonde assures her though her eyes are still mischievous. She moves her wife’s breast around in order to get Juliette to latch onto it.

“Ouch! Geez, babies hurt!” Amanda says in honest surprise when things go to plan.

Emily snorts. “You sure catch on quick.” Then, “Hey! Put me down!” she complains to Reese who has swept her up bridal-style.

Nicki does the same to Amanda, moving her to the edge of her hospital bed. 

Side-by-side on the immobile gurney and mildly embarrassed, Emily and Amanda huff before going about feeding their little girls. “Perverts,” they grumble under their breath when their wives put their arms over each other’s shoulders and declare, “Ah, life is goooood,” amidst smirks and chuckles.

Amanda, well used to her devilish wife, finally shrugs and snuggles up to her best friend. “Thanks for staying with me, Em,” she whispers. Her thick emotions return in a flash, and she chokes out a, “I love you.”

The older woman beams. “Love you too, Dee!” As always, she kisses her friend’s cheek. Her hand automatically reaches across them to break the seal between mother and child when she feels Amanda flinch and press more into her shoulder.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” the new mother asks her in even greater surprise.

“Your latch is wrong,” Emily answers distractedly. When she sits up, Hannah moves with her. Her left hand holds back Amanda’s shoulder when her friend tries to do the same. “No, you don’t move. She does.” With that, the blonde gently repositions Juliette to achieve a better angle. “Let her chin touch you first. Then her nose has to line up. Wait ’til she opens up really wide, and then- Yes! There you go!” she cheers as she guides the newborn’s head to fill its little mouth. “You don’t want her directly on your nipple because that hurts and because she won’t get enough milk that way, okay?”

Amanda sparkles up at her friend. “Thanks, Em!” After a couple of seconds, she adds, “That feels much better!”

“No problem,” the smaller woman answers with a sweet smile. Emily then laughs when she sees Reese’s pouty face. Her breath puffs out followed by an “Of course,” when she finds that her own wife is not jealous but licking her lips.

“Yeah, do that again, Em,” Nicki says without any semblance of thought. “And change sides-” with Nana, she wisely stops herself from saying.

Amanda shakes her head and tuts her tongue as she suppresses laughter. “You’re still fired from being my wife, Nix. ...Hey Em,” she asks with a naughty grin of her own, “will you marry me?”

Emily does laugh. “Sure thing! I’ve always wanted a harem!”

“Em!” the brunette cries, smacking her friend’s arm. “There are little ears in here!”

Her friend keeps giggling until Hannah laughs so hard that she falls backward onto their legs.

Amanda yelps and leans forward to catch the toddler but fails, while Emily isn’t too worried about her child. 

Her chuckles falter when she notes the look on her other friend’s face. It makes her rush to cover herself. “Thanks a lot, Nana,” she says with a sigh.

“Can I join your harem too, Em?” Nicki asks, full of enthusiasm and almost drooling.

“You are so totally fired from being my wife,” Amanda says with narrowed eyes.

“And you, young lady,” Emily turns on her daughter, “are done for the day. No more milk for you.”

Her ever-hungry child stops laughing and instead begins to frown. Her doe eyes widen and moisten as her little chin quivers. “Mama!” she sniffles as she reaches for her mother.

The woman crosses her arms over her chest. “Hmph!”

Amanda bumps her. “How can you resist that sweet little face?” she wonders aloud. “Look at her; your baby’s hungry! Besides, she only laughed because you did.”

The blonde sighs dramatically. “I suppose!” Welcoming her child into her arms, she goes to offer Hannah her other breast.

“Wait!” Amanda cries, wiggling around and then holding up a paper-thin blanket to shield the pair from Nicki’s view. 

“Hey!” her wife exclaims with a sulky pout, sitting down hard.

Reese leans over and whispers into her ear.

The naughty grins on the birth mothers’ faces retreat upon being reflected from across the room. “What?” they ask.

“We’re hungry too!” the tallest and smallest woman say together as they approach their wives.

Emily, not afraid of anyone or anything, scoffs. “Psh, vending machine’s that way, then.”

“Yeah! Try it and die, Nicki!” Amanda backs her up.

Her best friend squeals when Nicki shoves Reese forward and dives forward herself, crying, “YOLO! Hahaha!”

The book continues with Love. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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