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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: November 19, 2020      Views: 75

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BA SMU Dallas Texas 1968
Infantry LT Vietnam 1969-1970
Stockbroker Morgan Stanley 30 years
MA Arizona State 2009
Average dancer competed at pro am
Blackpool England 2018

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The Foamy Flyer
"Auntie Ant and the Moon Balloon" by Stuart Harrell
Now Auntie Ant was really an ant
With a birthday a comin' due
Nieces and nephews gathered round
To plot a birthday brew

There arose a cauldron of plots and plans
From murky swamps of a Bayou dream
Proposals fluttered around and about
The winner was a floating scheme

Now the teens had seen her sad and forlorn
A gazin' at the Harvest Moon
Now surely we can get her up
Give her old heart a gentle swoon

So near about was a backyard pool
A jostle of urchins splashed around
A circle on a stick blew a spool
A gooey soap would take to round

Her minions gathered to access the plan
Tain't no soap bubble can reach the moon
So better perspectives were put in place
For the streetlight near the cry of a loon.

So the grumpy vets of the termite wars
Were ready to aid the scheme
A carriage of pretty magnolia leaves
Would march her toward her dream

So beloved was Auntie Ant
Tina the Tulip pitched in as well
She would give her petals for a parachute
To float home the awesome belle

A dragonfly named Brandee Caper
Would provide the air escort
A flutter of wings with a spool of strings
Would give the bubble support

So they gathered about the swimmin' tub
And scuttled up the side
Lots of pretty bubbles arose
Pick one for Auntie's ride

Expected fringe issues surfaced
To clutter the glorious plan
Snail Boobles tried to sell tickets
A hermit crab squashed his hand

Pranksters rigged a slingshot
And were stung by honey bees
Brandee was late as usual
Fixin' her hair up in the trees

They picked one fluffy and puffy
And dear Auntie scrambled aboard
It floated pretty as blowed up glass
As Auntie waved to the cheery horde

But approaching the bulb
Caused a glitch that would last
Jealous skeeters made it pop
Auntie was falling and falling fast

The downward spiral caused such a fright
The crowd was all aghast
But a flutter of wings helped bring the chute home
The dragonflies came at last

Now in the ant farm folklore
The tale lasts 'til this day
Were you there when Auntie soared the skies?
The buggy alliance sent her up and away.

Share A Story In A Poem contest entry


Author Notes
These are obviously for the neighbor kids....The idea is to wander outside...stare at something....then make up a story....How did the Tumbleweed learn to tumble?...On a soccer a gym?...Any medical insurance?....Good luck to all.....Stu Harrell
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