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 Category:  Spiritual Poetry
  Posted: December 1, 2020      Views: 27

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A story from the life of Moses
"Baby in the Bulrushes; Moses" by Brenda Walcott
Baby Moses was a good child and sweet
And pharaoh's daughter heard him weep
In a basket on the Nile in the bulrushes
While sister Miriam hid in the bushes

From the time Moses' mother was hired
To the time that Moses saw the bush fired
He grew up to be a loyal Israelite
He would follow God's plan and walk in His light.

But Moses' way was marred by murder;
he had to run to Midian for cover.
He became a shepherd in Midian;
He chose this, over being an Egyptian.

Moses was kind to Jethro's daughters
so the priest gave his the hand of Zipporah
Now he settled in Midian;
and God blessed Moses the family man

Now Moses had His sandals on,
Moses stood on holy ground,
"Moses, Moses uncover your feet,"
the Lord told Moses "I AM He."

Moses saw a burning bush,
and from his feet his sandals took.
"On this sight I must look,"
God's voice he heard and Moses shook.

Moses humbly bowed to worship,
for he knew that God is Holy;

God told Moses "you must go to Pharaoh,"
but I stammer, Moses thought with horror.
Moreover he said "the people will doubt me."
But God said "you won't have to go without me."

God told Moses; "throw your staff on the ground,"
and then instead a serpent he found.

"Many signs and wonders I'll show you,
when I show my power to Pharaoh.
So go tell Pharaoh to let Israel go,
and if he doesn't he will know."

Moses left Egypt many years ago;
now he must go to the new Pharaoh.
"Why did I look at this bush fire?
I wasn't even looking for hire!"

Well Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh,
what God told Moses, Aaron told Pharaoh;
"Let my people go to worship me."
Pharaoh asked, "your God? Who is He?"

When Pharaoh refused the waters turned blood,
He still refused and there came frogs like a flood;
They were even found in Pharaoh's bed,
in the ovens and troughs for making bread.

Pharaoh begged Moses to ask God for mercy,
surely God would grant some clemency.
All the frogs died and the smell wasn't nice,
Pharaoh's heart hardened and God sent lice.

Again the king's words proved to be lies,
so God told Moses to cause plagues of flies.
Each time the Egyptian king repented,
He hardened his heart and again relented.

"I will never leave you," He said,
"and Aaron your brother will speak in your stead."
But Moses, he still doubted himself,
he wished God would ask someone else.

After this there was a plague on the cattle,
this would surely test Pharaoh's mettle.
Each time God gave the Egyptians respite
Pharaoh began doubting God's might.

This time the hand of God once more
upon the Egyptian people was sore,
He struck them with boils on their skin
But spared all Israel's clan and kin.

The seventh plaque was a great hail storm;
Lightening and fire of a different form
from the beginning of Egypt as a nation,
to that time of their civilization.

But Pharaoh refused to be humble
so their crops and corn took a tumble
when God sent His army of locusts,
to eat what was left from the hail and gusts.

After the locusts were all blown away
God told Moses "make it dark for three days,
with thick darkness that may be felt
as Pharaoh's hard heart would not melt."

So the king chased Moses and Aaron away
but told them all their cattle must stay.
One final plague to Lord will bring
as Pharaoh's heart was hardened still.

The Lord would pass over when He saw the blood,
pointing forward to the lamb of God.
But the first born of all Egyptians would die
Pharaoh's heir too this is no lie.

Throughout all Egypt the plague of death
snatched all the firstborns whilst they slept.

All the families howled and wept
as the tragedy through that night swept.

The Israelite had borrowed silver and gold,
God's favour made them brave and bold.
Now they ate the passover lamb in haste,
deliverance has come no time to waste.

King Pharaoh had sent them packing;
they were prepared and had nothing lacking.
All of Jacob's descendants were leaving
while pharaoh and Egypt bawled with grieving.

Well Moses and Israel came to the red sea
and looking behind them what did they see?
It was stubborn Pharaoh's horses and Chariots,
they wouldn't let them go without riots

But in one final act of power and grace,
God's cloud descended and kept race from race,
'til Israel passed through the sea on dry land
and started the journey to the promised land.

Moses' rod had parted the sea by faith,
Pharaoh's whole army came part of the way;
when God took off their chariots' wheels.
T'was Israel's victory, when God His mighty arm revealed.

Share A Story In A Poem contest entry

Author Notes
This poem is based on the Bible story of the Exodus when Moses was used by God to deliver the Israelites from Egyptian bondage. It recounts the famous story of the ten plagues and the miracles performed by Moses using his rod, including the parting of the Red Sea. This is one of my favourite stories in the Old Testament and sharing it as a poem with the hope of encouraging people and especially children to enjoy Bible stories.
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© Copyright 2016. Brenda Walcott All rights reserved.
Brenda Walcott has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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