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 Category:  Spiritual Poetry
  Posted: December 3, 2020      Views: 6

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My journey of transformation and the gift of peace
"Warriors Wisdom" by DivineLoveAir
Can u feel the vibes
Can u feel the tides

The sky Shifting, lifting
Faith rushing thru your veins
Here to wash away your pain
banish your blames
find your peace, inner sane.

Written in the stars my story I gave up my soul
guiding humanity to watch miracles unfold
Like a warrior defending the Universe taking all the blows

Riding the rollercoaster of here and there as my vessel becomes old
But I fight the fight, keep my faith and abide as I am told

Illusions and truth sometimes twisted, torn between two worlds..clutching to reality
My mission my vitality

Love driving the moon
followed by the stars kindness lighting the way
Mother of Earth whispering in my ear encouraging me what to say
On the ground my ego vulnerable, fearless as it lay

God on my right, Angels on my left gifting strength to find courage to stand face to face with my contract
A obligation..A divine Pact

A mission set in stone way back
No time to belly up..No solution do we lack
Humanity is our mission.. Unconditional Love is What were fighting to bring back..

My Faith contest entry
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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