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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: December 18, 2020      Views: 52

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Reese Turner: Christian, Navy Veteran, Husband, Father of Daughters, Texan, Lion, Golfer, Retired Industrial Plastics Salesman and now, RV driver and writer-wanna-be mostly of adventures of Baby Boomers coming of (old) age... And, we sing karaoke at - more...

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They who search for perfection search forever...
"I am Diamond.Diamonds Have Flaws" by Reese Turner
Flaws? Me? Takes maybe five words, all I’d ask.
My wife? “Listing his flaws? 1,000 word task!”
My dog might plead, “The Fifth I’ll take!”
An old boss: “Spent too much time on break.”
My golf clubs would pitch in, “What a hack!”
Neighbors, “He’s got my tools, we want ‘em back!”
I could go on, but you can see my point:
My reputation might just stink up the joint.
So, perhaps I should list here my own flaws –
If you promise not to tell Santa Claus!
Sometimes I don’t always remember to do
That long list of things my wife told me to.
Sometimes I leave the seat up after flushing
Or, don’t replace the paste cap post brushing.
I’ve left dirty dishes, unscraped, in the sink -
That’s got to be about it, I surely would think!
At the bottom line, I’m a good man - and fun!
And, I seldom leave a task until I am done
Never do I anger at a nut-case member
Of her family. Or, at least I can’t remember…
Hey, look, in whatever, I do the best that I can
And, like my wife says, I am just a man.


I Am Not Perfect writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about a flaw that you see in yourself.

Author Notes
Obviously, this prompt was written by a woman in an attempt to make men admit to their flaws. I doubt women will enter this prompt because, do women have flaws? None to speak of! It is unfair the way slight imperfections of men dealing with the weight of the world, have slight imperfections elevated to the level of "flaws"! This prompt was not the first indication I have had that life can be unfair, but I entered it to prove how good a man I am. Don't ask my wife...
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Reese Turner All rights reserved.
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