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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: December 24, 2020      Views: 109

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This work has reached the exceptional level
A less fortunate man. (300 words)
"A Christmas Thought" by Ric Myworld

One day ecstasy; the next, loneliness smothered in misery. Yesterday’s love of his life. Today, the bloody dagger that split his heart. Now, he drowns in torrential tears of heartbreak, without the will to face tomorrow. Desperate, hoping another drink might ease the pain.  

“Hey, you, get up. You can’t sleep around here.” The fat bully twirled his stick and chewed on a nubby cigar as he kept kicking and shaking the inebriated man covered in snowflakes. “We don’t want any of you drunken, old bums smelling up our streets for the good-folks’ holiday.” 

Shoppers stopped, watching with mouths open and eyes wandering. Sympathy on their faces, but afraid to speak. Curious, they circled when the paddy wagon pulled up. The cop without sentiment, joined by three other members of the badged brigade, snatched up the vagrant and pitched him crumpled into the lockup-compartment’s rear corner. He landed with a thud, which had to hurt, without a whimper. 

People bustled across the festively decorated street. Wreaths with bulbs and French horns were hung on every light-pole and window. Pathways wrapped in a kaleidoscope of colored lights, glowing on strings of tinsel. Christmas carols piped pep in shoppers’ steps throughout the speaker-lined walks, as joyous well-wishers offered smiles and nods to each passerby. Savory scents of cinnamon, caramel, and sugary delights billowed from opening bakery doors. And, “tis the season to be jolly,” was anything but, for the old man who was to spend his Christmas alone in a jail cell, for his crime of having nowhere to be or anyone to be with. 

Be courteous, kind, and caring to others, and always be thankful for the blessings of every happy day! Many aren’t so fortunate. 

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays, whatever suits you best! 

Story of the Month contest entry


Author Notes
Jay Squires convinced me to add a portion of my reply to his review. If nothing else, I hope this doesn't make the story seem quite so sad. I wrote this as fiction, when in reality, it happened. Normally, we all just sort of hurry on by, wrapped up with our own plans and responsibilities. But this time I couldn't, and followed the paddy wagon to get the man out of jail. He stayed with me for three days, while I searched and found his sister in Cicero, Ill. I bought him a coat, shoes, two outfits of clothes, put 100 bucks in his pocket, and drove him seven hours to be with his sister. She lived alone and was so happy to have finally found him. They've made great room-mates ever since.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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