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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: December 29, 2020      Views: 9

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I am a 81 year old man, married to the same woman for 60 years. I have worked at a variety of jobs, but my major work has been Pastoring Interdependent Baptist Churches for over 35 years. My wife Peggy and I have been blessed to have reared four chil - more...

He is a top ranked author at the #76 position.

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This is the second computOR lesson by Grampa Parsona
"Grampa Back In College Prt. II" by GE Parson

Learning all about computers
-by Grampa G. E. Parson

Well good day to you all! Glad to see you back
or another of Grampa's lesson on learning all about computers.

Today we are going to learn what that long black thing, located in the middle of the bottom of the key board is.

BTW I think I failed to tell you what that long wide thing with all the letters on it. is called a "Key Board"

Now I don't understand why it's called a "key board" because in the first place, it's not a board at all; and in the second place I've tried to unlock a lot of doors and none of them worked, because I think they are the wrong shape.

And you know, when I tried to replace them in the computer, I thought I would never get them
back in. And something else about them, whoever arranged these keys in the first place,
must not have known the alphabit, because they were all out of alphabitical order.

"Well did you ever get them rearranged Grampa?"

"Yep, I sure did. I started with "A" on the bottom left hand side row, and rearranged
them so now the "Z" is in the 3rd right hand

"Grampa, you are so smart. But what are you
going to learn me today about computers?"'

Ok Grandson, What I'm going go learn you today is a warning. Most computers have what is called, a speller checker device. When ever the computer sees you have misspelled a word, it will underline that word in red, indicating you have spelt that word wrong. Now what's s'pose to happen is that you can right click that word and the computer will kerrect it for you. But you can't trust them becuz most of the time,
it don't nose how to spell any betern you doose. Now you kin do what's you wants to do,
but for me, I relys on my own spelln smarts."

"Ok Grampa, I'll take yer advice under consideration, but I need to move on, but thank you very much for the computer learning."

"Your mor'n welcome. When you gets ready
for some more computer learn'n, just let me

Actually that was the last computer lesson, Grampa taught because he got behind on his
computer payments and it was repossessed.
- by G. E. Parson
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