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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Fiction
  Posted: January 10, 2021      Views: 38
Prologue 1 

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I wrote horror recreationally for years and took a hiatus for college. I am recently graduated with a BS in Equine Science and a minor in Psychology and have my own business as an Equine Sporthorse Therapist. Fantasy worlds, creepy adventures, and st - more...

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Prologue of the book Blood of the Covenant
The journey into the wasteland is inevitable
"Home (prologue)" by Alli Johnston

"Isabella," Amos whispered. "Isabella, please."

She stirred softly, emitting a small sigh as she relaxed once again.

"It's time, Isabella. You need to wake and help us in directing our next moves. We spoke last night, Elijah and I. It's becoming urgent."

"Oh, Amos," Isabella said weakly. "Why on earth has everything become 'urgent' nowadays?" Amos looked down somberly, an uneasy pressure building in his chest.

The question remained unanswered, for they were both entirely aware of the truth. Silence ensued as Amos parted and Isabella began to button the vest over her dingy blouse, one that was almost white at one time. Her riding skirt trailed across the dark wooden floor that nearly matched in color. The room was plain but for a wooden cot in a corner, dust covering virtually every inch of the sanctuary. The dead insects scattered along the ground served as a grim reminder of what was waiting outside.

As Isabella reached the bottom of the three rickety stairs leading outside of the cabin's front door, her older brother met her eyes.

"Oh, sister, wonderful," Elijah breathed as he approached Isabella and embraced her. "We've much to discuss."

"So I've heard. And where has Amos run off to?" Her eyes flitted around the outside of the cabin before stopping on a sight that made her stomach ache and chest feel tight. The dust and brush seemed to stretch on for miles. As she looked out towards the horizon, an overwhelming feeling of dread seeped through her, chilling her spine despite the warmth of the air.

"Tending to the horses. Usually, it's done before you wake. Resting so far into the morning will be the death of you, Isabella." She nodded, silently praying that his words would have no inadvertent truth behind them. Her eyes remained solemnly fixed on the nothingness ahead of her.

"It's come, I assume," she murmured.

"I'm sorry?"

"The time to move on. Leave here, the quiet solitude." She turned to Elijah, a familiar wetness forming in her eyes. "Home."

For a moment, their eyes remained locked. No words were spoken but the conversation continued. They wished this day had not come, just as they wished they would wake to the old days. They wished that maybe this were all simply a lucid nightmare, induced by some bad ale or rotten food. Elijah looked down, pushing the toe of his boot into the dirt. Isabella knew. They had all known. They never wanted to embrace it. This was their life now and if they had any hopes for survival, there was no choice but to accept it.

Amos returned from the barn, light patches of dirt laying rest on his clothing. Isabella gave him a welcoming nod.

The siblings stared into the wasteland in front of them, saying nothing. The silence alone was entirely too loud. Clouds darkened the ominous sky, blocking out what was left of the sun. A storm was brewing.

The book continues with Turkey Red (1). We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Thanks to the very kind and constructive criticism from reviewers, I have decided to edit this just a hair and keep it as a prologue. Hope you stick around to see the rest!
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