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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: January 11, 2021      Views: 436

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A time of reflection signifies a time, a few years back, in honour, when my brother died, from his own hands, and my mother a few years before that of Cancer. One now reflects often about one's own life, as much the young innocents who die...thos - more...

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #12 spot on this years rankings.

The Seal of Quality committee has rewarded him with 1 seals.

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Author Reading

This work has reached the exceptional level
For no heart can thrive when broken...a survivor... (sensitive)
"Flight (A Daughter's Tale)" by RGstar

( A Daughter's Tale)


She drifts in dreams and pale dresses, and off-white, perfect, shoes
Blurred visions of thin ankle socks, and the 'Lady Sings The Blues'
Her mother's favorite film, of course, 'God Bless The Child,' her tune
Though harsh a mild October morn, and a mother gone too soon
Motherless, he seduced and pale the silvery moon

Her hand-me- downs didn't matter, or unwanted gifts he gave
But the salted sweets, in colours, masked a hurt she did not crave
For they soothed the pounding of her thighs and tears he took for free
As she, in flight, escaped to make-believe--just to close her eyes to be
For how cruel the art when a father's thirst imbues of debauchery

And if in silence shields a serpent's kiss, Is she then judged the fool?
Knowing a rose, when crushed, with every thrust, defies every Godly rule
Oh, the rage and lowly worth of man, where every shoot of life must claim
When if his rules were cited to himself, no flower he'd need defame
For on a bed of broken promises, all that's left is her scent of shame

Yet, up she rose o'er snow on snow, like a dove who'd lost its way
From a nest of clay-- her yesterday, scaling four thin walls of grey
For a hammer can never quell a flame, despite force it seeks pertain
And whence once said, of herself; ''I'm asunder!'' She found solace in the rain
For no heart can thrive when broken, or from breaths of love abstain

Now the mistletoe seems sweeter, if off-center--perhaps too low
But of its scent she's, oh, so eager, for soft kisses there to flow
Years, now passed, like mountain peaks, reformed in an orderly row
There'll be no chasing clocks, by wishing back, for answers yet to know
For her curtains are so much wider now, than the views he cared to show


And if wings could reach, she'd ring those bells high on her Christmas tree
For the smile she smiles is knowing, it means another year she's free

Poem of the Month contest entry


Author Notes
Audio available as an accompaniment for those who are challenged in vision, or simply for those who find pleasure in the spoken word. It is a choice. Please enjoy. It is in hope I do justice to this area...of many of our lives. Thank you.

Poems should not teach, they are not tools of such, yet
they can be listened to, and serve as a conscience to all our emotions.

This is written for all survivors of domestic abuse, domestic and sexual violence and hurt, no matter the kind...It is a message of triumph, not a message of defeat. We will strive, and we will survive.
God bless you all.

Asunder- apart, in pieces, in bits and pieces
Imbue-permeate, saturate
Debauchery- extreme indulgence in bodily pleasure (sexual) immoral
Defame- smear, damage
'Lady sings the blues'- Film...Life of Billie Holiday-- played by Diana Ross
'God Bless The Child' - Billie Holiday song from the same film
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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