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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: January 20, 2021      Views: 31

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This work has reached the exceptional level
a peek at an evolutionary future.
"new blood" by jimmy mankind

HEY YOU! Over by the door!
Wake! up! that man from sleepin' on da floor. This day he could become something more!
Hey! you! With your head down at the bar. Listen! UP! This day you may become a star!
All we want to know is...,
one simple question from jimmy mankind: What color is da condition
Of what's goin' on inside your mind?
Is the color green your existential scene?
Allegiance to the planet just enuff for you?
Or do you still play the fool
for the good ol' red, white, and blue?
Well, if Red is for the duped dead,
who bled all over the burning sand,
And White is for the voracious over-fed Members of the ruling clan,
Blue is for the strange fruit that ripens Through the deep dark night,
And falls as endless fire and fright
Upon the Children of the Universal Light.

So are you loyal to our Leader
Who blows up all your dreams?
Who answers every question
with nothing like it seems?
While half the world (he's after)
wakes up screamin' from their dreams?
If so...What the world needs now is some
Because :
This is the age of tainted information and this is the age of the unfinished public tale.
This is the age of incomplete characterizations
of dogs and gods and men all lost on the trail to misbegotten Meccas at the end of erroneous quests raising funds via ideological promises given in various jests.
This is the age of incompetent confirmation
Of events that never were meant
To be brought to public attention
(and certainly weren't heaven sent.)
This is the age of Spinning Doctors
telling us all it's OK to get bent
By characters even they lament
the Board of directors
mistakenly caused to be sent.

(Causing the fabric of tension 'tween strife and romance
to be surrealistically rent.)
So this is the time for new blood.
This is the call for the next Generation.
This is the pulse that pulls man, Woman and child
To the new age.
This is the day for the new resolution.
This is the hour of the promise fulfilled.
This is the moment of Gaia stepping up,
Finally speaking so even the elders will know.
This is the time laughter escapes From the darkened soul.
(And the moment of recognition
that we are all parts of a whole.)
This is the time for the honest leader.
This is the time for the quality fight.
This is the time for a forceful meter.
This is the time for remedial light.
This is the time for greater exposure.
This is the time for full disclosure ...and this is the time...
Time is on the side of Life.
This is the time Life is freedom:
This is the time for expression, choice. So this is the time force is superfluous --and will not work--
This is the time that what's right is might.

(Remember, there will be casualties, strewn upon the fields of fire. So cry for their departed souls. But do not be sad. Pay them homage, for they were chosen to serve the Evolution of their sad role as destroyers of ignorance. Nor be angry, for they died for all of us who still carry the evil seed. The flames that burst from their Departed Souls light the paths we must follow to arrive at future Innocence. The job of we who survive is to keep this flame alive as a reminder of a Road we travel in common.)

For this is the pulse of the universe speaking and calling and pulling us up to take a stand. This is the end of love's disappearance.
This is the mind of life itself unfolding,
Like a flower growing out of a hand. This is the wave Humanity must catch. This is the color of Truth that we see.
This is the power of Hope's sweet fruition:
The realization,
In the light of the Sun and the Moon and the Stars
And the shade of the Trees,
that you, me, us, them,
All are nothing
But We.


Free Verse Poetry Contest contest entry

Author Notes
Hodge pod hybrid concentrating upon meaning more than
rhyme because the many parts we need to evolve are so disparate and varied they fit together like a mosaic of words intent upon meaning...get up, take over...your turn.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. jimmy mankind All rights reserved.
jimmy mankind has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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