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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: January 22, 2021      Views: 23

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Spiritual exploration
"-Fresh Blessings-" by Gordon Stacey
-Fresh Blessings

I wish to form a passage of eathereal blessings -therapeutic pulses soothe those whom prayers shift light into the amythyst angel.

So blaze forward with enthusiasm, vigour, and integrity. Journey through the dream with great poise, bonding with the weaver whom creates flowing ether-robes from star-silk, adorned with fine silver thread. Fastened to your faith, through your unique spirit, born from the wilderness.

This attire shall heal and protect you through visions that pronounce the healing journey fluently for these words are gaining momentum.

Let it be known, flowing from these expressive blue-hued robes, ripples. Ripples are ripples upon ripples, creating waves of crimson ambrosia.

Adorned with the sweetest synergy, befitted for the ancients that spoke through celestial lore. Your spirit stirs, crackling, gaining their attention.

Through hidden means, the great spirits offer the rare herb of holistic healing.

Wild, intrinsic spirits are sent to salve the senses, to invigourate the soul with certain energies; built as bridges to the inward person, whose eyes are filled with mystery and child-like innocence.

Rest your soul and allow the spirit to flourish from the heart. Rejoice.

Whisps formulate emotional swirls, twirling through sensational curves, crackling to life, now dancing for your sleeping body -with a dash of natures magic, the senses are flooded with intrinsic sensations from the teachings that unviel the course of healing through your veins.

Blessed be, as angels protect, and serve. Even the playful faeries shall dance in the ring for your soul mirrors their want to express, this creates one wild experience to those in-tune with this passage.

Swirling in such a manner, amazing, extrinsic waves of wild, crazy sensations, saturate the mind, body and soul.

Creating extrinsic eddies of fresh energetic vibes, adding vigour and desire to culture to amaze the senses.

This rarity has snared the dreamer. Yet strangely enough, this spider procures a nectar that ascends the dreamer, now gifted to spin therapeutic silken thread to bind the afflicted with silkin strands, that smooth around spiritual tendrils reciprocating healing dreams.

Has the dreamer finally lost his-self to the nature and yearns to flow through time? With wings stretching, of course his swirls are wild with bravery, and with a crisp snap, the dreamer wakes.

Eyes dripping with remnants of an ancient time, where dreamers are safely entwinned with the beating hearts that protect and shine.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by simonka at

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© Copyright 2016. Gordon Stacey All rights reserved.
Gordon Stacey has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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