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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Fiction
  Posted: February 9, 2021      Views: 167
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My published book: Good Advice Part 5 rated 4/4 by Online Book Club Organization. Full review:
I have worked in IT in the banking industry for over 30 years, working in Hong Kong, - more...

He is a top ranked author at the #90 position.

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Chapter 7 of the book A Pragnant Ghost
Tom went to Chow Graveyard to visit Ghost No. 12
"Pregnant Ghost Chapter 7" by Goodadvicechan

A pregnant ghost asked Tom to arrange a marriage for her to marry her deceased boyfriend and Mary to carry her baby for her in the next life of the baby.

The pregnant ghost and her boyfriend commi

Pregnant Ghost Chapter 7 (Sorry Book Name wrong Spelling)

Chapter 1 to 6

Mary bought a picture of a Chinese bride for Tom. One night the bride (Siu Feng) came out from the picture, attacked Mary, and forced Tom to arrange for her, a marriage with her deceased boyfriend (Siu Ming).

On the way to see the bride's parents, Tom stayed in a haunted hotel and got involved in a murder case. At the same time Siu Feng's dead body was stolen.

Siu Ming took Tom to the Chow Graveyard to look for Siu Feng's body.

Chapter 7

The Chow Graveyard was busy with dead people, most of their feet not touching the ground walking in air. The moon was at its waning crescent, making the place pitch dark and creepy. The outer fear was worse than my inside unknown fear.

The breeze was strong, blowing the willow trees. Shadows of the willows looked like more ghosts floating in air. Light rain fell, following the direction of the arrow of the wind, on their journey to the ground. Sounds of ravens came from nowhere and the birds landed on top of gravestones.

The ghost I met earlier told me to look for him in grave number 12 if I wanted more information about Siu Feng's stolen body. Siu Feng's grave was number 13. I thought 12 would be next to 13, but I was wrong. The left side was numbered 18 and right side 37.

Siu Ming explained to me that the number was assigned at the time of application for a slot. The buyer could choose any available sites in the hill. The price depended on the size and the location.

"Siu Ming, I don't think we'll ever find number 12. The gravestones are everywhere over the hill. You don't expect me to walk over the whole hill to look for it. Do you?"

"If we can't find it tonight, you'll come during the day to look for it. Then, we meet at night to see ghost number 12."

"Why don't you ask your dead friend here?"

Siu Ming was annoyed by me and walked away. I took the opportunity to sit down on the ground. Someone pushed my back, saying, "This is my area. Go away." I stood up, bowed to apologize, and walked down the hill for a few feet. Then I stepped on something like a snake. I immediately ran down hill as fast as I could, but tripped a piece of rock and fell, rolling down the hill till my head hit a gravestone. Blood trickled down my forehead, both my hands and feet were bruised, and parts of my pants were torn.

Sounds of steps were running towards my way and stopped in front of me. I raised my head. I was shocked and became speechless. Mary stood in front of me. She helped me to get up. She cleaned the blood on my forehead and my bruises. She put some bandages on my cut.

"Mary, why are you here?"

"I committed to Siu Feng to find her body. She took me here."

Siu Feng appeared out of nowhere, standing next to Mary, waiving to me.

"How do you know I am here?"

Siu Feng said, "You can't hide anything from me."

"OK... Since when did you and Mary become friendly?"

"It isn't important. Just find my body and you can go home."

"Where is gravestone number 12?"

"This is it." Mary said.

I was happy that I was at the right grave. I knelt down, closed my eyes, raised and pressed my hands together, and started praying for seeing number 12.

Number 12 didn't show up. Ravens made noises around us. Strong winds added music for the night. I told Mary I wanted to leave.

Siu Ming shouted at me, "You cannot leave."

Number 12 came out unexpectedly from his grave.

Siu Feng and Siu Ming walked closer to the old man and Siu Feng said,"Grandpa Sing, I know you don't like Siu Ming, but I love him."

Siu Ming said, "Grandpa Sing, we love each other. Ours is true love."

"Grandpa Sing, I am Tom and she is Mary. Please accept Siu Feng and Siu Ming. They sacrificed their lives for love."

"Young man, I know what to do. Why are you here?"

He sounded difficult to please but didn't look like a scary ghost. He wore a long black Chinese robe with a pair of black pants. He had a kind face and seemed to be approachable.

"Grandpa Sing, I am here to ask you for help." I replied.

"We are looking for Siu Feng's body." Mary said.

"Come with me."

He led us to a pavilion, next to the burning station. Inside the pavilion was a porcelain table and chairs. We all sat down.

Grandpa Sing said, "Every year on the 15th day of the seventh month, we had a party here. Our living loved ones would burn incense and put on this table: tea, wines, rice, dumplings, cooked vegetables, chickens, even roasted pigs. It was a big feast for us."

Mary asked, "Why on this day?"

"Young lady, you should learn some of our cultures. This day is called the Hungry Ghost Festival. It is one of several important days in a year to deal with ghosts and worship our ancestors. People burn paper money and paper cloth for us to use in our underground society."

"Why is it called the Hungry Ghost Festival?"

"In the seventh month of each year, the gate of heaven was open, so we could travel. The gate was closed on the last day of the month. During the month, we all came out to receive gifts from our living loved ones. In here, they delivered their parcels and burned them in the burning station."

"Mary, I once wrote a journal about postal service between the living and the dead. The parcel is a large white paper bag with a blue sticker placed in the middle with the name of the dead person. Inside the bag, people put paper money and paper cloth. The deceased can tailor-make their own clothes from the paper cloth."

"Tom, am I pronouncing your name correctly?" In response, I put my thumb up.

Grandpa Sing continued, "You are right about the postal service. On that night my silly sisters were arguing and fighting about their parcels."

"What were they arguing about?" Mary asked.

"In general we had five or six kinds of money. They were paper coins, Ming banknotes, fake foreign money, death money in round shape, and silver or gold paper folded in shapes of ingots used as currency. My second younger sister, Ching Ching, has always been jealous of our youngest sister, Ping Ping. She said Mama loved Ping Ping more than her and gave her more foreign money. Ping Ping would say Mama gave Ching Ching more Ming banknotes."

"Why do you have so many currencies?"

"We have dead people over 200 years old. Their market uses old money like ingots as currencies..."

I was more interested to find out more information related to the loss of Siu Feng's body.

I interrupted Mary's conversation. "Grandpa Sing, did your sisters see what happened to Siu Feng's body?"

"No, they didn't. I was counting on having some food and a drink with them. After all we only saw each other once a year. Because of the money argument, they both left, leaving me alone with my neighbors. Our world was no different than yours. Some of my neighbors were nosy and liked to gossip. They wanted to know what happened to my sisters. I found an excuse and walked away towards Siu Feng's grave."

"What happened then?"

"The sun is about to rise now. Come back tonight and I'll tell you more."

Grandpa Sing disappeared.


The book continues with Pregnant Ghost Chapter 8. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
I apologize for the typo of my book name. I appreciate it if someone can tell me how to change it.

Tom Tsang : a journalist
Mary : Tom's girlfriend
Chow Siu Feng : Pregnant Ghost
Ho Siu Ming : Siu Feng's boyfriend
Mr. and Mrs. Chow: Siu Feng's parents
Mr. and Mrs. Ho: Siu Ming's parents
Tsoi Tsoi : Siu Feng's close Servant
Veronica: Mary's grandmother
Au Chung Hing : owner of a gallery
Monk Kong : Ghost Buster
Grandma Miu Miu : Beat the Devil Specialist
Grandma Ling : Ghost Comminicator
Ah Fook : Male Servent
Ah Kiu : Female Servant
Ghost Number 12 : Siu Feng's Grandfather
Ching Ching and Ping Ping : Ghost No. 12's sisters
Ah Wong: a Ghost ( caretaker)
Officer Tung : a police officer
Officer Tung Senior : a police officer
Officer Chan : a police officer

Traditional Chinese names are written as Last name first followed by First and Second names.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by Browncat at

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