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 Category:  Family Poetry
  Posted: February 24, 2021      Views: 226
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I am a Kidney Transplant Recipient and amputee missing my left hand and right lower finger tips from Diabetes and toxic working materials (kidney failure)
An Ex-Aerospace Quality Assurance Manager, Inspector and Fabricator 35yrs. Writing has alwa - more...

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Chapter 77 of the book The Two of Me
Legend's Still Do Grow!
"My Bro the Crow" by QC Poet

Friends Called Him the Crow!
Shared a Story He Did Know,
A Father's Legend Still Grows!


3 Line Poetry Contest contest entry

The book continues with Tending A Garden of Love. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
My Bro the Crow
By; George Martinez
(A.K.A) Chochee Medina /:QC Poet

Tribute to My Elder Brother
(In a 5-7-7 Syllable Poem)

Photo Credit to; a Collage Created with Author's Photo Collection plus Free Native American, Legend Downloadable photos, found on the Internet with Author's Add-on Arrangements and Coloring tints.

Arrangements, Interuptations Intent is Remembrance and Humor.

When my Eldest Brother Told the following story to teen friends of his and earned their given moniker - Crow, as his sidekick they referred to me as Little Crow.
Here is Our Father's Crow Story;

When you hear a Crow Cawing at you,
See What Direction it is Facing - It Means there is some News, Good or Bad Coming from the Direction the Crow is Cawing.

Over the years We've Found this to be True more times than Not.

I Live in the Antelope Valley and find Ravens are bigger, have different tail feather shapes and gather in pairs where Crow's gather in Gangs.
The Humor Intent Extends to Ravens, No Discriminatory Intent Applicable. Roy would have Appreciated my Dark (See My Photos) Humor as this is Intended..
I've passed this Family Legend down to my Son's and Grandkids to include Ravens, Whether they are In Pairs or In Flocks.

3 Line Poetry Contest
Write a poem that has three lines and a syllable count of either 5-7-5 or 5-7-7. The poem must address a loved one. This contest has a cash prize. Deadline� in 2 day.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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