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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: March 3, 2021      Views: 24

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Howdy all!

I am Dia! I enjoy writing when I am not working or in class (though I do jot down some writing notes from time to time in those spaces). I am studying civil engineering with a minor in writing and am passionate about sustainable a - more...

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Wrote a poem to go with a surprise gift to my partner
"A Sestina for Spence" by Every_Dia
My first memory of your smile
is your eyes.
The creases forming
as you upturned your lips.
Our pupils danced around the parts of our faces we could see.
I knew then I had to learn more about you.
Now I always see you.
And every time, there’s something new, but the same familiar smile.
When we cuddle I see
an odyssey in your eyes.
Journeys of a life untold by your lips.
A gleaming story continually forming.
My life, you are transforming.
With your lifting laugh and rooted words, you
inspire me. You remind me with your hugs and your lips,
and of course, with kind smiles,
that everything will be okay. And I
know there is more to see.
You are the Lighthouse of Alexandria over the Nile, a pharos in a dark sea.
Brilliant and informing.
A guide to many lost, wandering, weary eyes.
The world is better because of you.
Knowing how important you are makes me smile
so much, I can’t control my lips!
Soon there will be tulips.
Spring is nearing, so plain to see.
The sun is smiling
more, forming
delicate morning rays to caress you.
Shining on your curly hair and charming face when I first open my eyes.
We will look back at these times with the wisdom of an owl’s eyes.
Utterances of “back in the day,” from our lips.
As I sit in in our vast, loved library with you.
Talk of all the things we’ve seen
and done, but still the story’s forming.
New chapters added with each new wrinkle in our smiles.
But when I look in your eyes, I can still see
the deep green grass and the mask over your lips. Laying there, desire forming.
And I knew I loved you when I finally saw your beautiful smile.

Author Notes
Some context! My partner and I met during the beginning of this pandemic and I wanted to write something nice during this time of processing that it's been a whole year since lockdowns started in the US. We met at a park and were masked up, so I didn't know what the bottom half of their face looked like until a week later! Would love some help tightening this up so it's a great addition to my gift for them. Thanks <3
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