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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: March 4, 2021      Views: 9

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Rhymer is a retired landscape gardener who has long enjoyed the art of reading and writing rhyming poetry - hence the user name - and the occasional essay.

Subjects covered are many and not confined to one theme.

Many poems writte - more...

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"Wishes." by Rhymer

Give me a seat by a garden path,
where I can spend my idle hours:
Send me a breeze that's laden with scent
from the blooms of many flowers .
Give me an hour, to indulge in talk,
to share with a neighbour or friend.
Give me time for that leisurely walk,
ever a pleasure I recommend.

Give me cool shade from trees overhead,
when the heat of the day is high:
Give me the chance to lay back and watch,
the passage of clouds scudding by.
Give me the sounds of a gurgling stream,
as I lie on the bank in the sun,
To watch brook trout swim lazily by,
ever a pastime, I find fun.

Give me the songs of birds I know well,
though they may warn parting is near:
Give me the peace of a snow laden day,
when there's hardly a sound to hear.
Give me a night when the moon is full,
or when stars bedazzle the sky,
Give me a view of the Northern Lights,
as they dance in the winter sky.

Give me direction, to tread Life's road,
as I seek the reason I'm here?
And give me strength, when nearing my end,
to face the unknown; free of fear.
Give me a good Friend to hold my hand,
when help I desperately need:
Bless me with strength to return his gift
in manner that echoes his deed.

Give me words that can describe my joy,
on hearing a new baby's cries;
Give me the sense to leave wonders seen,
that others may enjoy their surprise.
Give me more years, that I may enjoy:
a retirement, free of all strife.
Above all, give me more of the love
from One who has long been my wife.

Rhymer. March 4th, 2021

Author Notes
Never seems enough time in the day to enjoy what I used to do frequently.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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