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 Category:  Young Adult Poetry
  Posted: March 6, 2021      Views: 22

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I was always told to share my poems, now I can. I hope others can feel the emotions I have put into these words.

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
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I travel into the empty, searching for a new hope
"When I Was An Astronaut" by Modus Mos
~ * ~

I remember a time

Where I gazed at that great sky

Pointing my finger in that deep blue white

Trying to find shapes

Where Animals that fly,

Cars that float so high,

Sailing with great space ships.

Sitting down on colored chalk

Resembling a ship for my journey

Soda caps that turn the knobs

And sticks that made me climb.

That was when I was an astronaut.

Preparing for that long travel

Aging along with time and abuse.

Growing up, looking back.

I'm jealous of the things I once had.

Yet among the sparkled pink and blue

Within the gold flakes, I feel nothing but hate.

Floating in endless space-


I remember the day, I busted my head open, while I was sleeping

Beside a restless mom, she's weeping, I wanted to end it that day,

Oh, how I was so young, that the pillow turned red.

Mom woke up in a mess.

The baby, only age 8-

Hit themselves on the head with such force to meet one's end.

I woke up, in a daze, that night, the haze, the smell of blood

Newborn-drug. The lust of wanting death at that little age.

How some can't relate.

~ * ~...Yet, even now, I'm still alive...~ * ~

Still lusting for suicide, I cant

Don't want, but need

The chance to be free.

The feeling I-held-so-close, the anger,

the Sadness, the unending madness,

oh, how it made me rot.

Mental illness,

The perpetual conduciveness

Like metal, it burned, sparked within me-

activating robotic mental health.

The hate of oneself.

~ * ~...Self-loathing...~ * ~

If I had the chance, I would

Change the past many would

Yet the one who wronged me,

The one who shattered my sanity

I have my reasons but don't question

Let me live my last rebellion,

Against my inner self,

How I ran many times, to suppress that evil.

~ * ~

That grew when I was an astronaut.

~ * ~

Author Notes
a bookmarked kid who lives in a billion-paged world.
Lost within the deep space of self,
The kid who was not an astronaut.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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