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 Category:  Spiritual Fiction
  Posted: March 6, 2021      Views: 13

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I am a mother of four handsome adult boys. My new husband blessed me with four beautiful adult daughters. I have loved reading and writing since I was a little girl. At the sweet and tender age of 60, I have decided to take ownership of who I am--I a - more...

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Sometimes we need a little reminder
"A Simple Post About Prayer" by Anita Manuel

Many times we base our view of and our belief about prayer on whether or not we see immediate results and answers from God! We fail to remember that prayer is our means of connecting with Him intimately not so much to get something from His hand, but to hear something from His heart! There is more to gain from His heart than there is to receive from His hand, i.e., unending love, amazing grace, and unspeakable joy.

We become so focused on what's in His hand that we totally ignore His heart! If we could, by faith, focus on His heart we might concur that He's withholding that request because He loves us too much to allow that thing which might hurt us or someone else if He were to perhaps release it from His hand. He has everything we need in the palm of His hand, but He recognizes that His answer will affect more people than the one making the request.

We tend to think that our prayers are only about us--no, my friend, they're about us collectively! The Lord revealed to me that my prayer is connected to yours and yours is connected to someone else's, and so on! The answer to my prayer may be the catalyst for the answer to your prayer and the answer to your prayer may be the trigger for your neighbor's prayer. Remember: All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord...(Romans8:28)!

Ponder this: In order for you to be reading this post, a series of events had to take place! Your parents had to meet and the way they met was amazing! Some of our parents grew up miles and continents apart! After they met, your conception, which is miraculous and event-dependent, took place! When you were born so many lives were altered! Your birth changed your parents' lives and set off another chain of events that eventually brought you to FanStory! You thought you just lucked up on FanStory, not so--you were an answer to a prayer!! Prayer works the same way--a series of prayers bring about a series of events that are interconnected whether we see the connection or not.

You may be going through something right now and this simple post may be the word you needed to hear! Your prayer was answered by my God-sent presence into this moment, your moment--the answer may be wait, not now! Your answered prayer may hurt someone else. You may have been wondering why God had not answered your prayer "after all this time". You may not know me personally but that does not matter, because my simple post that you weren't looking for was right on time-God's time!

Sometimes God's answer can come through a simple post, like this one, and it may be your impetus for a day of sweet peace that you had not experienced up to now concerning your issue! Our lives are so connected!

I challenge you to ponder this and PRAY about it! Amen.

Author Notes
When I would pray, and my desired result did not materialize, I would become depressed, despondent, and feel unloved by Him. When I finally figured out that the Lord wanted a relationship with me wherein I trusted Him to supply all of my needs and desires, it was then that I was able to relax and rest in Him. I also noted that the more I relinquished my desire to control my life, the more that I was able to trust Him to do what He has desired to do from the beginning of time--take care of His people.

I gradually began to not put so much hope and trust in people, things, and myself. I have learned to put all of my hope and trust into the Lord because I found that He is the ONLY ONE capable of meeting my every need and desire. He has taught me that He moves upon the hearts of men to accomplish His will in the earth; which, by the way, is to take care of His people. I would manipulate people and worry about this person and that person; eventually, I worked myself up into depression and misery. Trust, trust the Lord, Lord; oh, what a relief it is (Song to the tune of AlkaSeltzer commercial)!!!

Now that I have a stronger relationship with Jesus, I no longer worry about provision because He has taught me to pray, believe, and go to sleep. He will take over after I do that.
Finally, one thing that I, also, stopped doing was judging others who had not learned yet how to trust the Lord to meet their needs. I always remember that I had to learn how to trust Him, too. So, now my task is to help others get to a place of total trust in Him to supply our needs and desires at all time. He wants us to depend totally upon Him for the big and the small cares of life. So, I suggest to you all to daily decide to be intentionally needy of His care; He loves it.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by simonka at

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