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An unhappy toddler seeks a solution.
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 Category:  Essay Non-Fiction
  Posted: June 29, 2021      Views: 72

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I have always been a writer at heart, but only since March of 2015 have I had a chance to explore the possibility of this being a real gift. I loved sewing quilts, making jam and pickles, planting seeds and tending them into fruitfulness, keeping h - more...

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This work has reached the exceptional level
I would sooner be bereft of the sense of smell
"Sounds Wonderful" by Cass Carlton

If I had to lose one of my senses, I would sacrifice the ability to smell. My sense of smell has never been all that acute, so if I lost it altogether, I would, probably, manage better than some.
The sense I treasure the most is hearing.
Sound makes up a large part of my life with CDs and DVDs of beautiful music.
But what of the music of nature?
The wind in the trees, the hum of bees at work.
The sound of the waves on the beach.
The rain on the roof late at night.
We had a cat with a very loud purr who would clamber into bed with us, his purr at full throttle.
It usually woke me up and I would lie there, listening while he purred us both back to sleep.
The sound of my two and a half year old son's voice asking me for "A d'ink P'ease Mummy" was the first time we had ever actually communicated and Oh how proud I was.
His first words!! If I had been deprived of that moment, a ray of sunshine would be missing from my life.
My second son's "first words" were a veritable flood of communication.
He changed from a frustrated, irritable child to an amenable, obliging little boy who loved to talk to me, his father, his brother, the cats and anyone else who would listen.
HIs voice was clear and childlike, as he grew older it deepened, but never lost the timbre of his childhood. It fell silent twenty years ago and yet I hear it still. Occasionally he chimes in with a dry, laughing remark to make me smile. Hearing, a true blessing.


Five Senses writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Touch. Smell. Sight. Taste. Sound. Which one of the five senses would you never want to lose? Which one would you give up if you had to? Answer these two questions in 300 words or less.

Author Notes
I am glad this was a rhetorical question. Thoughts on how I would manage without one of my senses, even the sense of smell, filled my mind with disquiet and caused a restless night
with strange dreams. At present I am still whole with all my senses intact. I sincerely hope to stay that way until the day "my book closes for good"
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