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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: August 16, 2021      Views: 72
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Retired Marine; retired high school teacher; married 35 years; father of three; five grandchildren; one rescue granddog.

He is a top ranked author at the #13 position.

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #16 spot on the rankings.

He is an accomplished script writer and is currently at the #5 spot on the rankings.

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #24 spot on this years rankings.

He is also an active reviewer and is holding the #17 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 13 of the book Fifty Days of Friendship
I met a girl in town
"Karen wth the Brown Eyes" by Bill Schott

I was walking down the main street of my home town on a Thursday evening in the summer of 1973. I recall it was Thursday, as that was bingo night at the community center.

Walking towards me from the direction of the before mentioned community center, was a tall, slender girl with long brown hair. She was as skinny as the proverbial rail and sported a pair of BC glasses.

She was across the street from me when she stopped, pulled a pack of cigarettes from her small purse on a long strap, tapped one out, lit it, then proceeded to my side.

Exchanged some kind of greeting and I discovered that she was in town with her mother and aunt who were both at the bingo hall. We walked around a couple of blocks, talking like we had known each other a long time. She told me where she lived, but I forgot it almost immediately.

Eventually a Chevy van pulled up to where we stood and the passenger window went down. Her aunt stuck out her head and called for her to get in. They had been driving around looking for her for a half an hour. That was likely an exaggeration as one could circle the town thirty times in that amount of time.

I had told her where I lived and that I worked everyday at the gas station across from my house.

Time went by, I saw her once in her boyfriend's car. She came to my house. She was no longer skinny and had definitely blossomed in the chest area. She had also upgraded her glasses to wire frames, which made a huge difference as well.

We talked a bit and when she left I wished that she was my girlfriend.

Within a week or so, her mother, who regularly stopped for gas at the station, asked me to do her a favor. She wanted me to ask her daughter out. It seemed that no one liked her boyfriend and she, her mother, thought I might steal her away from him. He was out of town deer hunting at the time.

For whatever reason I said yes. That evening I stopped in at the bar she worked at and asked her out. She said she had a boyfriend, but I could pick her up after work and we could hang out. I did, we did, and then she made a move on me.  At no time did her easy availability cause me any alarm. It was the seventies; right?

We kissed and groped for a while until I had to get home to get a couple hours of sleep before going to work. It was a few days before I saw her again, and then she said she was going back to her boyfriend. I think she missed his car.

Their relationship was actually dead, but she didn't want to live at home anymore. I lived in my brother's home, so convenience dictated her housing. Eventually she asked me to pick her up to go and see a movie. I brought my car, we bought some beers, skipped the movie, and parked behind her parents' house.  In the front seat of my Dodge Dart, I experienced my first intercourse. I would not recommend this vehicle for having sex, but I do endorse the sex whether in a car, boat, or wheelbarrow.

I guess I had won her heart and I actually proposed marriage, because I figured that was what people do who have sex. Naivety was my strong suit. She just laughed at me every time.

At some point while we were looking at some pictures of her and her brothers and sisters when they were five or six, I realized that Karen was a girl I liked back in kindergarten before she moved away. Somehow I had found her again. It was kismet in my mind.

One day, between getting ready to begin Marine Corps boot camp and figuring out what to do about Karen, I proposed again. This time she accepted.

So, in September 29th of 1974, I left for boot camp. On December 24th, I graduated, returned home, and got married on the 28th.



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