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 Category:  Children Poetry
  Posted: September 19, 2021      Views: 41

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"The Mayor of Sweet-Town" by Mimi Linny
All the people in Sweet-Town
Liked “TREATING” a lot

But the Mayor of Sweet-Town
Who said HE did NOT
“No more Trick or Treat Candy
the ban has begun

I’ll DECLARE it a crime
To have Halloween Fun!”

Now no one knows when
And no one knows why

How the Mayor turned grouchy
In the blink of an eye
He schemed and he plotted
And worked on some tampering

To keep Halloween
From its annual happening!

So he cleverly planned
And then mapped out his goals,

To steal all the candy
From dear little souls
And for all who dare stroll
Down the Sweet-Town Park Path

Be forewarned of the Mayor’s
                           Despicable wrath.                        

Disguised as Gorilla,
The size of King Kong

With hairy old armpits
And legs that were strong
So ferocious and scary
(to say not the least)

He looked like a monster
And growled like a beast
So decided
On Halloween night he’d be cute

And would scare all the kiddies
Then steal all their loot.

For each trick-or-treat bag
He could steal in a pinch,

Then he’d hide all the booty
What a big grinch!

So in chains he did rattle
His fists with a shake
While he stomped back and forth
‘til the ground it did quake.

Then he lept t’wards the people
And into the crowd

While the kiddies screamed frightened
And shouted out loud
But something then happened
And took by surprise
That big old Gorilla
With shock in his eyes.

A mere little tyke
With a meek little frame

SCOLDED him harshly
And then did exclaim!
"You’re NOT NICE!"
Cried the cute Little Kendall Marie
Though she spoke (oh so big)
She was no more than three.
And she glared at the mean old Gorilla
And BOP…
She knuckled his chin
And a big tooth out popped!
Shrieked Gorilla
When caught in surprise,

Then the Mayor appeared
From behind his disguise

And the grouchiness in him
Was totally gone,

From the pain in the toothache
That didn’t belong!

“Oh thank you so much
Little Kendall Marie
I’m the kind-hearted Mayor
That I USED to be!”

Then he gave back the candy
And goodies he’d taken,

Then he led all of Sweet-Town
In BIG celebration!”

While his speech for the evening
He gave with great pride,

Then confessed that a toothache
Is nothing to hide
“The new slogan for Sweet-town,”
The Mayor did say

Will be: 
“Visit your dentist and brush twice a day!”

Children's Poetry Contest contest entry

Author Notes
-Inspired by Dr. Seuss and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!
-Clip-Art from Internet
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Mimi Linny All rights reserved.
Mimi Linny has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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