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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: October 22, 2021      Views: 23

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A poem about the misconception of addiction.
"Do or die" by Scremfy
Feeling so regal
Hooked on this needle
How did this become my creedal,
Maybe not the devil but like him; pure evil,
I just need my fix, forge a script, don't care if it's illegal.
A driven dealer with a daedal vision, just as lethal as the dope he's flippin,' and sure to wheedle;
to those addicted, sick and feeble,
Who are all chasing a first high they will never get a second time.
But what they might get is death, what they might do is die.
Lack of facts, that's the first issue to arise,
Parents turn their backs to their kids and both are left stupefied,
Then a TV show called Intervention teaches them that right now it's DO OR DIE,
But to every story two sides that means half the truth they threw aside,
What do you teach by giving up on someone who has, on themselves, already given up and why?
When we both know it isn't like you not to try.
Now I know it's difficult when staying close by us feels like watching someone you love commit suicide.
And I know this situation is DO-OR-DIE
But if those I love the most decide to choose sides,
And it becomes, not me against them but rather me-without-them, then I become the one crucified,
When the ones' supposed to love me back, betray that and start to scrutinize,
Yet with me they refuse to compromise but together they unify and utilize that unity to brutalize;
That's when I feel betrayed by those I idolize, my heart breaks knowing this can't be neutralized because who am I if it's not you and I?
Just a lonely addict unsupervised with a broken heart that of which you provide;
And suddenly that DO OR DIE, becomes nothing left to DO BUT DIE,
And since I'm an addict and it was my addiction that caused this I will overdose on that addiction and self-euthanize.
And leave a note that simply reads,"Goodbye, I apologize, I love you guys."

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