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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: October 22, 2021      Views: 16

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Retired US Diplomat (State Department) living in South Korea. Served 27 years in 10 countries. Traveled to 45 countries, 49 states. Grew up in Berkeley, California. Married, no children. Published poet, and short story writer. Finished four novels, - more...

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #66 spot on this years rankings.

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This work has reached the exceptional level
The Deer's encounter with humankind
"Close Encounter with Humankind." by jake cosmos aller
Close Encounter with the Humankind รข?" the Deer's story

Sam Adams
Lived in Medford Oregon
Where he ran a vacation home business
And was part of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce
Who were his adopted family

One day he was out on the mountain highway
Outside of town
When tragedy occurred

Out of the blue
In the dark,
on the way down the mountain...
Sam side-swiped a young doe (deer).

Sam wasn't driving fast...
just wrong place, wrong time,
Sam never hit anything large...

even though Sam
lived in Oregon most
of his life.

It was horrific...
Sam had broken
her back leg

and watched
as she tried
to get away from him.

She was in shock,
in pain, and breathing so very hard.

Maria the deer
Said to herself

"Damn I encountered
One of those damn human creatures
Moma is always warning me about

Driving that mechanical monster
But he seems nice enough
Mama said
Some humans are decent.

Most are evil creatures,
Who want to kill all the wild animals,
With their guns, their cars,

Their pollution and their man-made
Climate change inducing wildfires.

Thinking they are God's gift
To the world

When in fact
We all know
That Satan rules their dark, devious
Little hearts ".
Maria, helpless
Watched Sam calling
The Oregon State Police.

Although they dispatched an officer
they did not arrive
while Sam spent forty-five minutes
with this sweet-faced girl.

Sam finally had to leave her,
as it was pitch black
and he was staying
with her on the side of the mountain,

on the highway,
and in a dangerous area.

Sam hoped the OSP
Would arrive soon,
and were able to take her down.

Sam hoping
she was not
found by a predator.

Sam finally got home...
hugged his husband
while he slept

Sam sat down
surrounded by three of our four fur babies...
Bastet, Mila, and Ostia.

Posted his misadventures
To the world

What happened was completely accidental,
but the look in this young doe's eyes,
will be with Sam for some time to come.

Sam did not own a gun
but wish he had a gun
and could have done something more.

Sam was still so affected
Thinking he had left her
suffering and alone.

The three coyotes
Watched this all unfold
Waiting for Sam to disappear

They knew they had a half
An hour
Before the OSP would appear

They pounced on Maria
Snarling hungry scarfing her
Drinking up her fresh blood

Ripping her Up for dinner,
Enjoying their unexpected
venison feast.

Jason the head coyote,
told the others

"Well, Sam might be a good guy,
For a human.
Tried to do the right thing,

But he killed her
And she died
For us to enjoy dinner.

Such is the way
Of the world
My brothers.

But he did us a favor
Maria is fresh meat
And we will feast well
Tonight, my brothers.

We will eat her up
But leave some
For our brothers,

The vultures,
Who are circling above
Patiently waiting
Their turn to have dinner."

The OSP came
In due course
Saw the vultures
Finishing their dinner
Chased them off

Heard the contended coyotes
Howling at the moon

They called Sam Adams up
Said there was nothing
They could do
But let nature
Take its course.

Thus ended Maria's
Close encounter
With humankind.

Author Notes
A poem based on a true story based on an internet musing by a friend who lives in Oregon. I tell the story from multiple points of view, first my friend's account, then the deer's story, the coyote's story, and finally the OSP story.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. jake cosmos aller All rights reserved.
jake cosmos aller has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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