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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Poetry
  Posted: October 26, 2021      Views: 15

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I have been writing rhymes for many years usually about my family and things that I have done which amused me at the time. I also included events that happened if I heard about them and I thought that they were worthy of a rhyme.

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Woken from a wee nap by a knocking on the door.
"Who's that knocking?" by Kooky Clown
Asleep in my chair by the fire having a wee nap,
I have reached the age now I'm not a young chap.
I'm woken by a hammering on the front door,
who can that be, I don't have many visitors anymore?
I stagger to the door half asleep, then let out a scream,
a bloody ghoulish figure stands before me is it a dream?
"W, w, what do you want " I stammer, fearing a reply,
is there anyone else about, is there help nearby?
I stand there shaking, half asleep, not believing my eyes,
not sure what will happen next, then to my great surprise.
A small voice shouts out with sheer delight, "Trick or treat",
there's blood from the ghouls fingers dripping into the street.
I'm still not sure what is happening, is this all part of a dream?
Then my brain clicks into gear of course, tonight's Halloween.
The ghoul is a near neighbour who is assisting his young son,
going out with his youngster for safety and to have fun!
They then both start to laugh as if it was one big joke,
I join in and give them some goodies, I'm that kind of a bloke.

Author Notes
On Halloween we often get a lot of young children calling accompanied by parents who are often made up as Ghosts etc. which gave rise to me writing this, which incidentally is NOT true.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by Cindy Sue Truman at

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