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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Fiction
  Posted: October 31, 2021      Views: 16
Prologue 2 3 4 5 

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I have been writing on and off for a while now but something always keeps me completing what I have started. Now that my life is more stable, I can start where I left off,

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
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Chapter 5 of the book The Strange Tales of Afrika Jones
parent hood of the Fury kind
"Harley and Quinn part 1" by Coco Lovan

It's my first day in the house. Its bare bones echoed screeching door or squeaky step. It was small but it was mine. I glared at each wall like an artist does a canvass. Ideas popped in my head for every square inch of my new sanctuary. I managed to move most of the small boxes into the living room. The only heavy thing was my futon and a trash bag full of blankets. I made the futon, plugged in my laptop to finish watching some anime I downloaded. The cable guy and Chris will be here to help me with the heavy lifting.

Chris was late! I was blessed that my new neighbors were kind enough to help me with the bedroom furniture. To make things worse he got mad that the neighbors were still there when he showed up. Even the cable felt bad and pitched in. It was so embarrassing to have him at like an alpha male when there was no need for it, especially when he was the one that dropped the ball. We finished moving in the furniture but he didn't like where I was putting things so we ended up for the remainder of the day moving things around and arguing. I had enough and kicked him out.

I went to go take a went to take a bath when I heard a bang then something shattering on the floor. I wrapped a towel around me and headed to where thought the noise was coming from. A few feet away from the door was a rock, not just any rock one that came from the rock garden in the front yard. From the whole in the window, I can see Chris's car fading on the horizon.

I talked to my neighbors and asked them if they had some handymen they use for odd jobs around the house. My neighbor above me( Patric) told me about Cori. He does a little bit of everything, the catch is he is the person you need to constantly call to make sure he shows up. In other words, you don't get paid until the job is done.

Cori came by fixed the window door and offered to install cameras around the home. He has done it before for the others in the building. He gives me an estimate, not too so I scheduled it for tomorrow.

After Cori left, explored the condo community. I have seen a good part on paper and a few pictures, but I never explored further than 950sq which is my new home. I lucked out with the first-floor condo. It made moving a breeze, well if showed up on time it would be. Next to me is a condo is for sale. Directly above are 3 more floors like the first floor. To the right was a tennis court, further down was a playground and an outdoor workout area. If I walk to my right, I see the community building. An indoor swimming pool, business center, and gym. Surrounding areas are either apartment buildings being renovated or condensed trees.

I was walking back when out of nowhere I felt something soft and firm hit me in the back of the head. It had such force that I nearly stumbled to the ground. The world around me started to swirl as my brain tried to process what happened. " Aw, my bad bruh! But to be fair to my ball you did come out of nowhere." I heard at least two quick chuckles from someone's peanut gallery. The world around me normalized around me, so my brain decided to process a new emotion, anger.

My face must have " you fucked up" all over it because when I turned around the smiles of joy evaporated. I could tell those 3 never meant any harm but I was annoyed that the first thing they thought of was to make a joke. I looked down to see what hit me, it was a football. Looked new I thought it still had the price tag on it. From the ground, I saw 3 bird legs in desperate need of plumping. Above that was a see of abs, sweat, and possibly oil. Mountains of define chest neck shoulders well placed just to cradle 3 deferent shades of pearls.

" Is this how you say hi to a new neighbor? What happens to the gift basket or something?" I was about to turn and walk away. From my right ear, I heard, " It looks like you already ate the basket." The swiftness of the wind had nothing on me. I turned and heard the satisfying soft thud of my steel-toed shoes meeting someone's nether region. I didn't care if it wasn't the right person, they all understood. " Timber!!", A mystifying crunch grew my smirk into a maniacal smile that would put the grinch to shame. I took a few steps to head back to my condo when I heard above me to the left, "Welcome to the neighborhood!"

There was a storm last night that woke me last night. Each lighting illuminated my home while each thunder shook the building. The wind created a vortex between my building and the next. I was afraid that it could either suck me out or blow something devastating in my new home.

Several hours passed by before the sun asked the storm to take several seats and shut the fuck up. The storm bucked back, trying to claim dominance over the sky. If failed miserably and whimpered into a light misting. Around high noon the misting faded to show that sun stilled reigned supreme. With the sun's blessing, I put on my comfy sweats and combat boots to see the carnage left behind.

Some dirt and a cracked window in the front. A busted pseudo shudder on the side. A small pound formed when turned the corner. Some planks need either to be repaired or replaced. I felt a rush of relief when I saw other neighbors doing the same. Assessing whether this was worth an insurance claim or slide some money under the table and have someone fix it on the cheap.

I left them alone, I figured that the home was more important than idle chit-chat. Instead, I walked the grounds. Other than being wet and some displaced stones, the space looked better off than the rest of us. In my peripheral, there was an even square in the middle of the gazebo. I decided to take a gander to see if someone had left something good behind. The closer I walked to the box the sadder it looked. When I reached the waterlogged box my hopes and dreams deflated. In the box in a pool of stormwater were two wet back and white rags floating to the top. On closer inspection, I realized that it wasn't rags but two newborn puppies.

By the time I could ask myself what the fuck am I going to do. The two babies were in my hand. I was halfway home when autopilot cut off then cut back on when it realized I was about to flip the fuck out. Autopilot turned off when I made it past my threshold.

They both were wet but still warm to the touch. Hope filled me again as I found a clean towel to lay them on. I gently dried them off, making sure I want to forcefully move their necks and limbs. The mostly black puppy was cooler than the other so I started CPR on him first.

I pulled his tiny tongue out and covered his delicate snout and blew gently. I gently pressed on his chest for a few seconds then waited, nothing. I tried to find something small enough to fit mouths for suction. I found a small turkey baster in the kitchen I tried to suck some water out and tried again. This time it worked a found heartbeat. I rubbed him for a few minutes and went to work on the second puppy.

I was mortified when I touch him. He was much cooler than the last time I touched him. I spent so much time on the first one that I was sure I had lost this one. I tried anyway the same process I just tried on his brother, nothing. I sucked some water out of his mouth and tried again nothing. I tried again this time pressing on his chest a few seconds longer. A few long seconds past but I finally felt a heartbeat. I continued to rub both puppies for the next 30 minutes. I was pleased that I heard noises coming from my survivors even though it was silent wipers. I still kept the carrying case from my cat that passed away. I wiped it down, placed a clean towel at the bottom, and put my precious cargo inside.

The drive to the vet felt endless with the two gems in the back but I made it with no incident.
I explained what happen to a nurse while another one took the boys in the back. " Do they have a name?" It was such an innocent question but it was one I never thought about. "The mostly black is Harley, and the other one is Quinn" I loved Batman the Animated Series when I was a kid, hell I still watch a show or two now on one of the streaming channels. My favorite villain was Harley Quinn so that was what I went with. I figured it will be a placeholder until...The was the question do I keep them or let the vets find them a new home? I thought I would sleep on it but then my emotional auto-pilot kicked in. The bill ended up being $ 2,400 which included therapy for the boys.

Know I am on my way home wondering what the fuck did I get myself into.

Author Notes
photos are my dogs Boston & Kayn. The inspiration for Harley and Quinn
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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