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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Fiction
  Posted: November 8, 2021      Views: 131
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My published book: Good Advice Part 5 rated 4/4 by Online Book Club Organization. Full review:
I have worked in IT in the banking industry for over 30 years, working in Hong Kong, - more...

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Chapter 12 of the book A Pragnant Ghost
Where is the missing dead body
"The Carnival Festival" by Goodadvicechan

Summary of chapters 1-11.

Mary bought Tom a picture of a beautiful Chinese bride in a red Chinese wedding dress.

One night, the bride came out from the picture and scared Tom and Mary to death.

The Carnival event took place in the Central Garden of the Chow River Village. In the middle of the garden, there was a round pool full of red and white lotus flowers. On the north side, there was a river. Along the banks were rows of willow trees and benches where people could sit down and watch the ducks swimming.

A big stove was set up for burning offerings to the deceased. These included money, houses, cars, servants, handbags and clothes. A platform was set up for the monks to say prayers.

People were excited about the festival. Many street stalls were set up to sell different kinds of Chinese dumplings, noodles, desserts, and fruits dipped in sugar coating.

Mary found an interesting hard boiled tea leaves egg stall. She tried one and liked it.

Tom liked the stall that sold curried food like fish balls, pig skins and cuttlefish. Mary didn't like any of the curried food.

Many couples came to float lotus lamps on the rivers to wish themselves good luck in their dating or marriage. The beautiful scenery of rows of lighted lamps floating on the river was beyond description.

Fortune tellers set up their tables, offering services for people to find out their fortune related to romance, business growth, and career opportunities.

The fortune tellers, based on the names and the birth dates of their customers, invited a swallow from a cage to come out to pick up a fortune card. After handing the card to the teller, the swallow returned to the cage. The card had a short story of an ancient hero. Based on the story, the fortune tellers forecasted the future destiny.

Mary and Tom managed a booth interviewing people who might have leads to trace Chow Siu Feng's body.

At the end of the day, they analyzed the interviews they conducted and came to three possibilities.

The first one was provided by a young couple, Mr. and Mrs. Au They saw a group of ghosts in their neighborhood. They thought it was worthwhile to chat with those ghosts. They might know something.

The second one came from a young man, Ah Tsun. He said his deceased mother told him in his dream she knew where the body was.

The third one was a retired servant, Ah Fook, who said he saw something that might relate to why Chow Siu Feng's servant committed suicide.


Shortly after midnight, Tom, while sleeping, thought he put his hand on Mary's shoulder. Mary pushed his hand away, and he opened his eyes. He was scared to see Ho Siu Ming lying beside him. Before he could say something, Siu Ming lifted him up and said, "Get changed and let's go."

"Go where?"

"Don't ask!" shouted Siu Ming.

Tom yelled back, "Why do you always treat me like an enemy?"

"Siu Feng chose you, not me. I never had the confidence that you could make things happen. Up to now, you haven't convinced my father to allow me to marry Siu Feng. I need to control you to make things happen."

"It wasn't my fault," said Tom.

"Shut up." Siu Ming grabbed Tom's throat. The next moment Tom realized he was in a dark forest.

"Why am I here?" Tom asked Siu Ming.

"This is the place Mr. Au told you today. You shouldn't waste any time. Go and talk to all the ghosts. I 'll keep an eye on how you're doing." After that, Siu Ming was nowhere to be seen.

Tom was lost what to do. He raised his head and saw a child with blood flowing down his cheek. He immediately ran as fast as he could.

Accidentally he hit a rock and fell on the ground. As soon as he got up, he faced a female ghost in white. Her legs did not touch the ground. Tom screamed and fell backwards onto the ground.

"I am not a bad ghost," said the white ghost. "Why are you here?"

Tom could not utter a single word. It was Siu Ming inside him who told the white ghost why.

"Come with me. I'll take you to the gossip group. They may know something."

Tom could not move as he saw a snake slithering on his pants. He unbuttoned the waist of his pants, thinking to let go of the pants with the snake on top of it, but he hardly moved an inch. Siu Ming appeared out of nowhere and caught the snake and pointed it towards Tom's mouth.

Tom begged Siu Ming, "Don't make me eat that snake. It was bad enough you forced the cockroaches into my mouth the last time."

"The blood of the snake will make you brave," said Siu Ming.

Tom fainted. Siu Ming grabbed hold of Tom and ran after the white ghost.

Tom was completely unaware where he was. His soul and body were being taken over by Siu Ming. Siu Ming chatted with a group of seven ghosts, two males and five females. He questioned every ghost one by one to find out more about Siu Feng's body but got no concrete information where her body was.

The night went quickly and the sun rose and the ghosts disappeared one by one.

Tom was left in the forest, tired and lying unconscious on the ground next to a grave marked: "To my mother, Leung Kiu... from Ah Tsun with love."


The book continues with Chow Siu Feng's Request . We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes

Tom: a journalist
Mary: Tom's financee
Chow Siu Feng: pregnant ghost
Ho Siu Ming: Siu Feng's deceased boyfriend.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by VMarguarite at

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