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 Category:  Writing Non-Fiction
  Posted: May 22, 2022      Views: 6

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Writing and communication have always interested me since High School. It has been a work in progress.

What started out as pursuing my comic ambitions has turned into improving and developing my writing beyond where I was before.

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He is a top ranked author at the #57 position.

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Liberals, Labor, other parties, policies
"May 2022 Federal Election" by LittleIrishman

The Liberals-nationals Federal government party was in the clear with the country's debt some years ago before the impact of the worldwide COVID-19 virus pandemic.

However, these three years or so later, the country is now around a trillion dollars in debt. Apparently money went on funding for vaccines for the virus, and helping out people and businesses affected by the virus.

It is absolutely extraordinary how such a big debt could have been amassed in such a short space of time. This almost matches America's similar super debt of trillions of dollars.

The Liberals do often gloat about how they effectively handle Australia's economy, but Labor would have at least done something similar in dealing with the virus.

Such a debt may be paid off the same way it was quickly accrued, but only time will tell.

The Liberals did something to what Labor would have done and spend the money on the people. There was allowing people twice to access $10,000 of their superannuation, some $250 bonuses around Christmas and end-of-financial year, and the Service NSW Dining and Discovery Vouchers.

At least Labor does spend its money, but more so on the people-general public.

Labor's Anthony Albanese was very smart in this May 2022 Federal Election and went to the centre of the battle by targeting PM Scott Morrison's leadership instead of the usual policy debates. An example here is Labor's TV advertisement stating how Morrison was mentioning how things were...'Not his job.' Some people would have thought Morrison was certain of reclaiming his leadership, especially based on Albanese's level of political leadership.

There is a growing trend, in politics and business, to ask people's feedback and criticism with questions and surveys. The relevant people here are realising a very important and powerful understanding that, ' Customer is King.' One person, let alone a group of people, can come up with all sorts of feedback.

Labor could very well improve itself by listening to and helping the Australian general public. This is like the Bob Hawke-Paul Keating Labor federal governments who tremendously helped and saved Australians by creating and doing the Centrelink welfare system, and Medicare health systems.

It will be incredibly interesting to see what Labor can do and come up with in its new reign on Australian federal politics from May 2022. This is with many years of past Liberal party leadership and dominance.

Some state for instance Albanese is hand-in-hand with the workers' unions. When the Ford and Holden motor vehicle companies were also based in Australia, it is said that Albanese, with the unions, were obtaining for workers at Ford and Holden a handsome salary close to $100,000 a year. This is something the local business world in Australia may not have been pleased about.

Not only this, but more Independent party politicians also got into power across Australia in this election, and would surely do what they can to benefit the national general public.

- Personal Experiences:
A conversation with a fellow Christian church acquaintance after the Labor party won the May 2022 Australian federal election.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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