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 Category:  General Non-Fiction
  Posted: July 19, 2022      Views: 84

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First, I am a romantic, married to the perfect woman for me, an imperfect man.
Further I am a patriot who cries with the playing of our anthem. I treasure our warriors, current and past, serving nautically for ten years.

I believe in God - more...

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If Life is But a Passing...
"What Comes Next?" by Tom Horonzy

How true it is that our hourglass starts draining sand, perhaps with an embryonic breath, but surely if not, after, with an OB-GYN slap on the arse. A moment to remember for someone.

The length of time of our mortal existence is a mystery. It may be a second, a minute, an hour or days, weeks, months and years, or even decades but never much more than a century. Indeed, our physicality will be short-lived compared to eternity, where time is unlimited. 

Of the two periods, which should be more significant? The life we lived, or eternal life? And what of death? Should it be feared, and if so, when? I suspect that is based on time, place, and circumstance.

Surely not during infancy. Conceivably, it begins when reason's reached, but more likely during puberty, and only if directly threatened, such as an imminent collision or the sound of gunshots at school or play?

Adults are concerned about their demise but more sol because of the unfulfilled responsibilities they'd leave behind. Thus, they become more selective about risks, and financial planning, just in case.

At sixty-five, aches creep in, and recollections are sucked into the depths of a London-like fog or completely erased. The aged resign themselves to knowing new Silver Sneakers won't outrun the advancing spectre. Families become front and center. Valuables amassed are gifted. They accept what is going forward with them are memories and accountability.

As to the 'there'after... who knows? I haven't read any documented CliffNotes of persons returning save for an inkling or two in scriptures. Even then, what was recorded, transcripted, and translated was written in languages no longer used; thus, the value they hold, might compare with a road map printed in the fifties. With that understanding, accepting what's there could make the trip exhausting.

Are there streets paved in gold? What would be their purpose? And what is the definition of those mansions I heard of?  Nothing ostentatious for me. My hope would be an all-brick, three bedroom, two and a half bath house with an open floor plan.  Then I think, without physical bodies, will there be food that would require egress plumbing? I don't know.

As for the view, I would leave it up to the resident agent-in-charge. No sense in moving to a new neighborhood and asking for special privileges. He or She knows "location, location, location" is the gold standard in real estate, even in heaven, but then I am presuming the Gatekeeper has agreed we both qualify, and with that, I'll end with a prayer that my wife's
coattail is broad enough to help me arrive because if assisting another is not in order, I better start improving now.

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Author Notes
I find it amazing that this piece was written only moments ago. It was minutes afterwards I found this contest. In addition, I reviewed another author's piece that paralleled the subject.
Photo was taken by this author and enhanced with PicMonkey programming.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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