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 Category:  Biographical Poetry
  Posted: September 30, 2022      Views: 88

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Just want to share my story to the world. Also want to reach out to those who are fighting depression, anxiety, addiction, pain and other different struggles through my poetry.

She is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #38 spot on this years rankings.

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Started from the top but rock bottom I hit.
"Rock Bottom" by Charity Stewart
Started from the top but rock bottom I hit.

Drowning in my sorrows so every day I'm lit.

I use to live in a lake house with a room bigger than most apartments.

Now I live in a tiny studio with only a few compartments.

I remember eating home-cooked meals every day.

Now I'm a hungry predator, food is the prey.

I lost my dreams due to tragic situations.

Drastically experiencing painful mutations.

Two years ago, I was back in school for my RN.

A few months later I got locked up so my schooling came to an end.

Tearful frowns in public, I don't need to pretend.

Reckless lost soul, will never blend.

I miss having an ice machine to fill up my bottle.

Now I'm drinking out of the sink because my struggles hurt when I swallow.

I use to have several pairs of running shoes.

Now I only have one pair with holes because of being overused.

I use to have a perfect credit score.

Now the bill collectors keep calling, asking for more.

I remember having over fifty grand in the bank.

Now I'm struggling to put gas in my tank.

I don't have the luxury to get a massage or a pedicure.

My life has turned upside down for sure.

My struggles are the disease, still trying to find the cure.

Searching for a light at the end of the tunnel but everything is a blur.

My chronic situations feel like solitary confinement.

Drastic life changes are like wheels out of alignment.

I'm terribly sorry I can't pay my lawyer.

Hustling every day but can't seem to get my life in order.

I can't afford to get my driver's license reinstated.

It feels like the devil and I are somehow related.

My past is supposed to be my compass not my anchor.

I hit rock bottom hard so it feels like a canker.

Hitting rock bottom feels like a spaceship crashing.

High influx of bills keeps me late night dashing.

Hoping God will pour me out a blessing so great that I won't have room enough to receive it.

God set me free from this rock bottom pit because I desperately need it.

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