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Creating a contest......
Following One's Heart by Begin Again
 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: September 16, 2010      Views: 389

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Begin Again is a resilient "senior citizen". Reinventing and restructuring her life has become almost common place for her.

I love music, books, and sitting by the water. Each of these activities brings a sense of life to me.

She is an accomplished script writer and is currently at the #10 spot on the rankings.

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1. If Only.....

If you were given the chance to go back and change one moment in your life that would have altered the path you've traveled.... Write about that moment and what you would have done differently.

2. Once upon a time...

The land of make believe is yours for the taking...Choose a favorite character and write a completely different story with the same ending. For example- Cinderella gets the Prince but she didn't have a fairy godmother or wicked step sisters.

3. For Love or Money?

Since childhood you have dreamt of falling in love and living happily ever after. You believe you've met the man or woman who can fulfill your every desire. Unfortunately, that person doesn't seem to realize how much you care and considers you just a good friend. Today, you are offered a chance of a lifetime -- a job where the sky is the limit. It's located in another country. Write a story (500 words or less) showing your choice and why?

4. Flash Fiction With a Twist

Serendipity -- ecstatic -- blessed -- triumphant -- menacing -- bloodthirsty -- vulture -- contrite

Write a thriller starring "Evil Frank" using less than 400 words but including the ones listed above. Can the fair maiden win his heart or will she be just another conquest?

5. Only one rose ...

A wealthy debutante is engaged to the "most desired" catch in her social circle. On her way to her bachelorette party, she is involved in a terrible accident and she is hospitalized in a coma for six months. Her fiance spends several hours each morning at her bedside holding her hand and urging her to get well, but returns to his lavish lifestyle and carefree friends in the evenings . He sends a fresh bouquet of roses each week.

The man responsible for the accident also spends every afternoon at her bedside reading poetry, talking about world events, and encouraging her to wake up and return to the living. He leaves a single rose on her pillow each night.

When she finally awakens, her heart is torn. Will she return to her fiance or will her heart belong to the stranger?

The create a contest...contest writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Create at least five new ideas for a writing prompt or contest. Include the title of your contest and the rules for each. Entries should be judged based on creativity and originality. The winner is encouraged to create a contest with their winning entry.


Author Notes
Thank you Diane for the wonderful artwork.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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