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Who is the masked intruder?
The ts detectve
The truth or is it? by dmt1967
 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: July 13, 2012      Views: 677
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I live in Chessington which is in England and I love to write, I hope to make a carreer out of this if im good enough.

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Jet, the ts detective is on the hunt for her ex wife's killer who is a spy her whole team seems to have betrayed her and in her hotel room she is being attacked

Eventually, I got up and walked to the body, I rolled it over. My legs still felt like jelly as I stood over the lifeless corpse as it lay in front of me. I reached down, and hesitated. Which one of them was it? I wondered, Ben or The Boss. Whoever it was it left a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach that either one not only betrayed me but quite possibly killed Helen as well.

I reached over and pulled off the mask. I stared at the body, startled by who it was. It wasn’t Ben and it wasn’t The Boss, it was Harry, the driver. This investigation was getting odder by the minute.

I couldn’t move. The shock paralysed me; my eyes just stared at the body in disbelief- where did he come into it? After a while-it must have been a few minutes, but it seemed like hours- I rang the police. As an afterthought I phoned Ben.

Although Ben was as untrustworthy as the rest, I just killed a man, and he was with the law enforcement office. The captain had told me to leave this case alone, so I didn’t want to tell them I was a cop.

The police arrived first, as they entered the room; a very irate hotel manager followed them in.

This has never happened before,” he blustered. “How am I going to explain this to the other guests?”

The police detectives reassured him that they would be as discreet as they could be, but there was a murder committed here and a few unhappy guests were the last of their worries. Still fussing, the hotel manager was politely and firmly shown the door. When he left, the two detectives got their team working on a meticulous search of each room and the body. One detective stayed with the team and the other walked over to talk to me.

“Hello, miss,” he began, “would you tell me what happened in your own words, please.”

“I had just finished my shower, and I rang for room service. The guy left it but I thought he came back for his tip, so I entered this room to give him the money, when I was attacked.”

I saw the sceptical look in his eye and sighed. This was going to be a long night. Then there was a knock on the door. One of the detectives opened it and Ben walked in.

He spoke to the second detective for a short time and showed him some papers. He then saw me standing with the first detective and walked over.

“She has answered enough questions for one night, I think.” He said in a voice filled with authority.

The detective talking to me went to protest but his partner shook his head and handed him a bit of paper. After reading it carefully and giving Ben a dirty look, they both walked away, muttering to themselves about some law enforcement agencies thinking they were above the law.

Ben went and got my coat, he put it around me, and we left the room and walked to the foyer. He looked at me with worry in his eyes, but whether he was worried that I had nearly been killed or was still alive? I hadn’t got a clue.

We got into Ben’s car and pulled out of the parking lot.

“I’m taking you back to my place,” he explained as he started the car.

I sat back, clutching my handbag, tightly. I still had my fully loaded 38 special in the hidden compartment of my handbag, if there was still more trouble to come, I wanted to be ready.

We had been driving sometime, when   Ben pulled up outside a tatty, derelict house. He can’t live here, this places is about to be demolished.

“We just need to stop here a minute,” he told me with a smile.

I got out of the car; my handbag clasped in my hand. I had a funny feeling the night wasn’t over yet, there was more danger to come.

We walked into the building, the door was off its hinges and the walls were crumbling, I prayed the building didn’t collapse on us. It would be just my luck to have diced with death so many times this week, only to be killed in a freak accident, like a rundown old building collapsing on me.

“What are we doing here?” I asked, turning around and smiling at him.

The smile froze on my face. Ben was standing a few feet away from me, gun in hand. He had it pointed directly at my heart.

“Killing you has been the hardest mission I have ever been given… why won’t you just die?”

I was frozen, too shocked at the turn of events to move.

“It was supposed to be so easy,” he muttered before he pulled the trigger.           


The book continues with A wolf in sheep's clothing. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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