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This work has reached the exceptional level
Mixed metre aabb rhyme
Fundamental, My Dear Fellow by rhymelord
    Faith Poetry Contest Contest Winner 
 Category:  Humor Poetry
  Posted: January 19, 2014      Views: 482

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Yep. I'm old, impatient and pretty well set in my ways. I love traditional poetry which rhymes and has a distinct and constant metre. I was raised on a diet of Kipling and Coleridge, Masefield and Browning and sundry other poets of the old sc - more...

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Fundamental, my Dear Fellow

My dearest evolutionist,
Creationists might say
You've not convinced real Christians yet
That creatures in hard clay
Are in anyway connected 
With the way the World was built -
Ascribing primal truth to them
Is stupid to the hilt.

Those trilobites and dinosaurs,
And fossils such as that,
Were put there by Almighty God
When all the earth was flat
And, when the world got rolled
Into the ball we see today,
Those bones and things were buried
So they wouldn't rot away. 

God did all this so you could play
At being smarty pants
And screw the stupid government
For scientific grants.
He never really thought that you'd
Believe His little lark -
How could those damn great lizards 
Ever fit in Noah's ark?

Another thing!  If some “Big Bang”
Had caused the world to start,
How come that when it happened
We were not all blown apart?
Yet, here you fulminate each day
‘gainst fundamental fact,
While in your body every bone
Is strangely still intact.

God has a sense of humour and
Of that there is no doubt -
That’s why he planted all these clues
For you to figure out
And, soon, like in a party quiz,
you’ll realise what’s true
And then you can enjoy yourself,
As we believers do.

So, dig a few more fossils up,
Inscribe a few more books
And, bit by bit, you’ll realise
How senseless it all looks.
Then, just pick up a Bible and
Start reading at page one.
It's right in there, the whole shebang
Of where we all came from.

And that, dear sir, is where I’ll end
My little homily
And leave you with one final thought,
Have Faith, friend.  That’s the Key.
It's easier to take this line -
You're free of useless facts:
Accept what Genesis portrays —
Don’t think!  Believe!  Relax!
Faith Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


Author Notes
No, this is not an attack on any religion, merely on the thinking of the extreme believers.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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