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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Script
  Posted: August 23, 2014      Views: 97
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Author, photographer, musician, poet. Avid reader.
Former Corrections Officer, current Truck driver.
I work to survive but I write to live.

Favorite genres include Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller, Humor, Religious, to name a few.


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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

Chapter 3 of the book Infected
The spread begins
"Escalation" by Michaelk

               Fade In: 


               Camera angle: Black and white security camera set on service 
               entrance. Two large orderlies wheel a gurney with a patient 
               strapped to it, out of the door. They undo the restraints and 
               quickly run back inside, locking the door behind them. Gus 
               Morris (Patient Zero) gets up off the gurney and attacks the 
               door. Then he stops, sniffs the air, and lumbers off. 

                         (A nurse coming in for midnight 
                         shift. Locks her car and heads 
                         across the parking lot. She hears 
                         shuffling feet in the darkness)  

               Camera angle switch to ground level right behind Mary's feet 
               as they walk faster and faster, finally breaking into a run. 
               Camera switches to Gus's point of view. (A modified infrared 
               where instead of heat, he can see the blood pumping inside of 
               living people) 

                         (Growling as he approaches her) 

                         (Getting her first good look at 
                         Gus) NO! (She fumbles for her door 
                         pass) OhmyGod, OhmyGod, OhmyGod! 
                         (She finally gets the door open and 
                         dives inside) 

                         (Sprints toward the closing door 
                         and wedges his arm inside, grabbing 
                         her leg) 

                         (Screaming as she tries to open the 
                         inner door and kick Gus off of her 

                         (Clawing at her leg, trying to 
                         force his shoulder and head inside) 

                         Camera switches to hospital 
                         security camera view) (Mary flails 
                         around, trying to hit Gus with her 
                         purse. As things start falling out 
                         of her purse, she sees her can of 
                         pepper spray, but it's just out of 
                         reach. She struggles to get it and 
                         finally is able to grab it, then 
                         sprays Gus in the face 

                         (Camera switches to Gus's point of 
                         view) (Recoils from the pepper 
                         spray then screams in rage and 
                         pounds on the now closed door) 

                         (Breathing hard, screams and accidentally sprays 
                         her pepper spray at the orderlies 
                         who come to rescue her) (The same 
                         orderlies that released Gus) 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         Ah, Dammit! 

                         Sorry, I thought...(Passes out) 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         (Wiping pepper spray out of his 
                         eyes, drags her inside, leaving a 
                         trail of blood) (Camera switches to 
                         a stationary view at floor level 
                         near the pool of blood watching as 
                         Mary is slowly dragged away) 

               Fade out: 

               Fade in: 


               Camera switches back and forth every ten seconds to a 
               different security camera. In each shot there is hospital 
               staff screaming, running, or being devoured. 

               Cut to: 

               Camera mounted on top of Police car as it pulls up to the 
               hospital, sirens blaring. They pull up and stop thirty feet 
               away from Gus. 

                                   POLICEMAN ONE 
                         (Jumps out of car and aims his 
                         Taser at...) Gus Morris, stop where 
                         you are! 

                         (Growls at deputy and charges) 

                                   POLICEMAN ONE 
                         Tazer, taser, taser! (Fires taser) 

                         (Momentarily stunned, then quickly 
                         becomes enraged and resumes his 

                                   POLICEMAN ONE 
                         (Shocked that the Taser is 
                         inneffective, hesitates to pull his 

                                   POLICEMAN TWO 
                         Look out! 

                         (Grabs policeman one's arm and 
                         Taser ripping them both away) 

                                   POLICEMAN ONE 
                         (Screams while watching his arm 
                         being discarded) 

                         (Begins to devour policeman one) 

                                   POLICEMAN TWO 
                         NO! (Panic fires at Gus, hitting 
                         policeman one) 

                                   POLICEMAN ONE 
                         (Screams in pain at being devoured 
                         and now shot) 

                         (Is not stopping, but seems more 
                         enraged than injured. He charges 
                         policeman two) 

                                   POLICEMAN TWO 
                         (Stunned by the realization that he 
                         has shot policeman one, stops 
                         shooting and is quickly devoured by 

                         (Through with his feasting, turns 
                         his eyes toward the bright lights 
                         of Frost Creek mall) 

               Camera starts out looking out of Gus's eyes, then moves 
               forward, doing a flyover of Frost Creek mall as hundreds of 
               shoppers come and go. 

               Fade out: 

               Fade in: 

               INT. FROST CREEK BURGERS. 

               Two hours later. A large female cashier sits at the drive-thru 
               window, half alseep. The beeper goes off for the order window. 

                         Welcome to FCB, home of the five 
                         cent friday fries, may I take your 

               The cashier hears nothing but breathing and a faint shuffling 


               Shuffling has faded away. She turns off the speaker, shrugging 
               her shoulders. Camera goes to outside shot looking into window 
               at cashier. 

                         (Jumps as she looks at the face 
                         staring back in at her) You scared 
                         me. Don't do that. 

                         (Stands there, staring at her) 

                         (Uncomfortably) Can I take your 

                         (Reaches in through window and 
                         grabs cashier) 

                         (Screaming) Help! Help me please! 

                         (Tries to pull the cashier out 
                         through the window, but she won't 

               A cook and a dishwasher come running and try to pull her back 
               inside. It's turns into a macabre tug-of-war. Eventually the 
               cook and dishwasher win. All three tumble to the floor. 

                              (Tries to get into the window but 
                              can't fit. He growls at the three 
                              people laying on the floor just out 
                              of his reach. He backs out of the 
                              window and notices people walking 
                              in the front door. He turns and 
                              follows them) 

                         Oh no! 

               Cook and dishwasher struggle to get the unconcious, bleeding 
               cashier off of them to go warn people. Camera switches to 
               interior security camera as GUS walks in the door. 

               Fade out: 


The script continues with Admission. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Thank you to anjou of FanArtReview for 'Wolf Nature'
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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