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 Category:  General Script
  Posted: September 26, 2014      Views: 105
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Author, photographer, musician, poet. Avid reader.
Former Corrections Officer, current Truck driver.
I work to survive but I write to live.

Favorite genres include Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller, Humor, Religious, to name a few.


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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

Chapter 6 of the book Infected
The infection continues, plans are made.
"Action and Reaction" by Michaelk

               Fade In: 

               INT. FROST CREEK 911 CENTER. 

               Joseph keys in the sequence to unlock the door to the 911 
               center. As soon as he opens the door he is assaulted by sound. 
               Radios are squawking, alarms are going off, and one frazzled 
               middle aged operator is standing in the middle of the room 
               holding a microphone in one hand and a telephone up to her 

                         (Into telephone) Pervert! (She 
                         slams down the reciever) 

                         Rough day? 

                         (Jumps, surprised) Oh, it's only 
                         you. Don't do that! 

                         Sorry. What happened here? Usually 
                         on Wednesday the fire trucks only 
                         move far enough to make room for 
                         the bingo players. 

                         It's been a nightmare. Three fires, 
                         seven assaults, ambulance runs like 
                         crazy, but most of all a bunch of 
                         crank calls. 

                         Really? Who would be stupid enough 
                         to do that? 

                         I wrote down all the numbers, the 
                         Sherriff's department is supposed 
                         to look into them when they get a 

                         I just can't imagine. 

                         The funny thing is, most of the 
                         calls were the same. A scream, 
                         followed my moaning. 

                         Maybe it was some stupid college 
                         kids having an orgy. 

                         That's disgusting. 

                         Just sayin'. 

                         Well, I hope you have a quieter 
                         shift than I did. I'm going home, 
                         take some Tylenol, and go to bed. 

                         Good night. 

               She was barely through the door when the phone started ringing. 

                         Emergency dispatch, what's your 

               Fade out: 

               Fade in: 


               Camera focused in tight on a traffic light that has turned 
               red. Camera slowly pulls back and pans down behind Sherriff 
               Secrest and two of his deputies who have positioned their 
               squad cars as a barricade, blocking the main street. Dozens of 
               infected are slowly advancing on them. 

                                   SHERRIFF SECREST 
                         (Into megaphone) Disperse. return 
                         to your homes. 

                                   DEPUTY ONE 
                         I don't think they're listening, 

                                   SHERRIFF SECREST 
                         Disperse or we will be forced to 
                         open fire. 

               Infected continue to advance, as if they can't hear or don't 

                                   DEPUTY TWO 
                         W...what do we do, Sherriff? 

                                   SHERRIFF SECREST 
                         (Grabs a tear gas rifle and fires 
                         several rounds into the crowd of 
                         infected) That should slow them 

               The infected appear completely uneffected by the gas and 
               continue to advance. 

                                   DEPUTY ONE 
                         Now what? 

                                   SHERRIFF SECREST 
                         (Whips around and shoots an 
                         infected that has grabbed deputy 
                         two and bitten into his shoulder) 

                                   DEPUTY ONE 
                         Oh my God. You just shot Ned 
                         Haskins, the owner of the hardware 

                                   SHERRIFF SECREST 
                         (Mumbles) His prices were too high 

               Sherriff Secrest and Deputy one grab Deputy two and throw him 
               in the back seat of the cruiser. They speed away just before 
               being overrun. 

                                   DEPUTY ONE 
                         (Panicked) What do we do? 

               Cut to: 

               INT. FROST CREEK HOSPITAL. 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         (Looking back and forth between 
                         Tevist and the hoard of infected 
                         pounding on the window of the room 
                         they are trapped in) What do we do? 

               As the window begins to crack, Tevist holds out his hand to 
               Orderly one. He takes it and gives it a slow shake. 

                         It's been an honor working with 
                         you. Thanks for sticking around to 
                         help out. 

                                   ORDERLY ONE 
                         (Smiling) You still owe me 

                         (Smiles back as they disappear in a 
                         hoarde of infected) 

               Camera pans back to show a hospital totally overrun by 
               infected. One shadowy figure slips out of a side door and 

               Cut to: 


                         What do we do? 

                         There's only one thing we can do. 
                         Face facts. The Warden and Deputy 
                         Warden haven't been able to be 
                         reached in two days, half the 
                         officers have quit to go be with 
                         their families, we're working with 
                         a skeleton crew and the inmates are 
                         on the verge of rioting. 

                         So what do you suggest? 

                         We survive. 

               Twenty minutes later, all the officers have gathered in the 
               briefing room. 

                         I called you all here because it's 
                         time we made some decisions. We all 
                         know what's going on outside. 

                         Yes, I told you all for years the 
                         Zombie Apocolypse was coming, would 
                         you listen? 

                         (Rolling eyes) Okay Tyler, you were 
                         right. Happy now? Can we move on? 

                         As long as you admit it. 

                         Okay, we have a plan but it's 
                         completely voluntary. I don't think 
                         the paychecks will be coming 
                         anymore. We need to take care of 

                         Yes! Survival time. 

                         Exactly. Now what we have in mind 
                         is fortifying this building. 

                         What? You mean live in a dirty, 
                         stinking prison? 

                         You don't have to stay, you could 
                         go powder your nose or something. 

                         Listen here punk, I was working 
                         here when you were still in junior 

                         (Mumbles) And it shows. 


                         I said, I didn't think they hired 
                         aging cheerleaders back then. 

                         (Reaching for Tyler and having to 
                         be restrained) 

                         Enough of this! Here's the plan. We 
                         go one at a time, get our families, 
                         and bring them here. I think most 
                         of us would agree that this is the 
                         most defensable building in the 

               Nods all around except for Betch who just glares at Tyler. 

               Cut to: 


               SHerriff Secrest loads a shotgun and lays it on his desk next 
               to four others while talking on the phone. 

                                   SHERRIFF SECREST 
                         That's great, thank you. So, when 
                         will you be here? 0800 tomorrow 
                         morning? Can't you come sooner? No, 
                         I understand, Thank you very much. 
                         (Hangs up phone) We're on our own 
                         for the night. 

                                   DEPUTY ONE 
                         But this is an emergency. 

                                   SHERRIFF SECREST 
                         I know, they just need time to form 
                         up and get here. 

                                   DEPUTY ONE 
                         I always thought the national guard 
                         was always ready to go at a 
                         moment's notice. 

                                   SHERRIFF SECREST 
                         Well, at least they're coming in 
                         the morning. Now let's go check on 
                         our patient. 

               They walk back to the open cell and look in on deputy two who 
               appears to be asleep. 

                                   SHERRIFF SECREST 
                         (Whispering) Let's leave him be. 

                                   DEPUTY ONE 
                         Are you kidding me, you don't need 
                         to be quiet, that boy sleeps like 
                         the dead. 

               Fade out: 



Author Notes
Thank you so much to all those who have been following along with this script. I appreciate and greatly value your support and input.

Thanks to suenethery for her great image 'Unmarked Grave'.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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